Mexican Family Vacation

Updated on January 21, 2013
D.M. asks from Portland, OR
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We want to go to the western side of Mexico for a multi-family vacation in early June. Any recommendations for destinations/deals? The kids range in age from baby to 7 years old. We want something mostly quiet and relaxing on the beach with a couple of days of sightseeing/adventure/out on the town thrown in. We want some tranquility without being too remote. Also, what are your thoughts on all inclusives vs do it on your own.

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answers from New York on

Would not catch me in Mexico!!!!!! There are so many other wonderful places to go that are safe. I do not care what anyone's tells you. Definitely would not go with children.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would REALLY be careful about Mexico right now....really...check with the State Department and their recommendations for travel in Mexico. There is a TON of trouble with the drug cartels....

check with a travel agent. They can help you decide where to go.

Rosarita Beach is JUST south (less than 25 miles, I believe) of the U.S. border...and I've not been there in MAYBE 25 is quaint...or it was...

In 2006 we went to Cancun....there are nice little resorts there. However, in 2006 the drug cartels didn't have the guns from Fast & Furious....

So I would check with the State Department and a travel might consider someplace like San Diego instead...

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answers from Dallas on

Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite vacation destinations, but I would not go to Mexico right now despite what a previous poster mentioned about believing it safe to travel there. I teach many students who have family throughout Mexico, and they aren't even travelling to visit their family members right now. Someone else mentioned San Diego, and I agree that San Diego is beautiful.

Good luck with your decision, and have a wonderful vacation! :)

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answers from Seattle on

If you are going to an exact destination you will probably be fine. DO NOT TRAVEL outside of that destination. No driving to another city, no driving to another town. Stay where you are.
Why? Because the drug cartel are everywhere. Because they stop cars as they are driving along remote roads. Because they want your money to be paid off, or they kidnap you for ransom.
I am not trying to freak you out. I am married to a man from Mexico. His family still lives in Mexico. My son's god parents are from Guadalajara and they don't leave the city. It's dangerous.
Go to a resort town, enjoy the beach, eat the food, don't drink the water. Don't travel outside of the town.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I just returned from Puerto Vallarta. My parents have been going there for over 20 years and I have been there about 6 times, including three times with children. We stayed in a senior citizen resort area so while I think PV is family-friendly, the resort where we stayed did not have many kids. I love PV. The one caution is that although there are beautiful beaches the ocean water there is generally rough and not good for swimming. We play a lot in the sand, but we do our swiming in pools. There might be some quieter, calmer bays that are suitable for swimming. We love the downtown area and the restaurants. It's also a town that's not overrun by spring breakers and party crowds. My dad is still there and is currently in Nouveau Vallarta. It is a 10-year-old planned resort community about 20 minutes north of PV. My dad reports it is beautiful and good for kids. There is a waterpark there. I've never done an all-inclusive because we like trying different restaurants, but I've heard it can be a good way to go with families.

People on this website will tell you there are travel advisories to Mexico and that you shouldn't go. Although that is true for some areas, especially border areas, most of the resort areas are not affected. You can check the State Department's website. There are NO travel advisories for Puerto Vallarta and we felt very safe on our vacation. I had absolutely no concerns traveling to PV and I am generally considered an overly cautious person.

Please PM if you want specific information about PV.

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answers from Omaha on

Mexico is a great place to vacation. People are so freaked out about drug cartels but unless you are planning on driving into Mexico from the states or staying in some small boarder town you are fine. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, or Cozumel you are fine. We just went to Cancun and me and my friend walked all over town and road the busses we felt perfectly safe. People are very nice in these places. There are many family type hotels and I would recommend all inclusive I won't travel any other way to be honest. Have fun and call a travel agent I find they make my trip planning much less stressful especially if you are going with a large group. Don't let people who have no idea what they are talking about scare you. Listen to people who have been there recently like I have and a few others on her have also. These type of resort towns rely on tourists so they make sure they are safe.

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answers from San Francisco on

Rosarita Beach....Wonderful place! Not too far in...not a lot of criminal activitie

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