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Updated on April 06, 2011
T.C. asks from Deep Gap, NC
12 answers

my husband is getting ready to start police academy training and he will be running 3 miles a day... he will need some GOOD and COMFORTABLE running shoes... got any recomendations???

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answers from Lexington on

Best suggestion I can offer is that he should go to a running shoe store - or a run/walk store. What is comfortable for one is not necessarily comfortable for another. I would strongly advise against just picking a shoe off the shelf (like at Payless/walmart/targe) He really should go to a store that has clerks that size his foot and fit him and are willing to listen to the use to which he will be putting them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I believe running shoes are a personal preference. Some brands fit certain feet better. He'd be better off either going to a place that specializes in running and can determine gait etc. or go to a sporting goods store and try on several pairs in the store until he finds what is comfortable for him.



answers from Wheeling on

My husband spend 28 weeks in the police academy and swears by his New Balance. He even said several other guys who bought more expensive Nike shoes ended up going and buying New Balance after a couple weeks because they were too uncomfortable. Make sure they have good shock absorbancy and arch support. Tell him good luck at the academy! And good luck to you to during this new adventure =)


answers from Houston on

ASICS!!!! I just bought a pair for myself and they are the BEST shoes I have ever bought. Very comfortable! Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I don't know any specific brands. My husband really likes Nike Airs. However, I would recommend finding a good shoe store (not a mall store like FootLocker) that will take the time to measure and fit your husbands feet to find the best shoe for his needs. This will make the 3 miles much easier to bear. I run and enjoy it much more when I've got shoes that I've taken the time to really fit.



answers from Kansas City on

My husband runs every day (military) and has always worn Adidas Supernova. Good luck to your husband!



answers from Tallahassee on

My hubby loves Asics. Every time he has tried on a pair of New Balance shoes they hurt his feet terribly but I know other people who love New Balance. Really though, it just depends on the shape of his foot. He should go and try on several pair and go with what feels good to him.



answers from New York on

My husband was training for the Olympic trials a few years back and has a few friends that went to them and one who made it to the Olympics- so he knows his running! He personally liked Adidas Supernova's, but MANY of his freinds chose Asics. I use Asics and LOVE them. Check and see if there is a Road Runner Sports near you. They do a custom analysis of your foot and running style and will tell you the best type of support shoe for you.



answers from Boston on

My husband is a bigger guy (200+lbs) and has had great luck with New Balance 993's. Asics also has some good running shoes. The best thing to do is to find a specialty running store in your area (not a place like Dick's or Sports Authority) where the staff is trained and can recommend a specific running shoe for your husband, they would watch him run and observe his gait and look for things like over/under pronantion...there are so many different choices (stability, motion control, nuetral) and what works well for one may not for another.

If there aren't any running shops in your area what you can do is order from a place like Road Runner Sports, they have a 90 day trial period so if you order shoes and if they don't work out, you can exchange or return them. To avoid shipping costs and get additional discounts you can become a member for 1.99/year.

Good luck!


answers from Dover on

My DH wore New Balance exclusively all through Police Academy. Best of luck to your hubs!!



answers from Fayetteville on

Mizuno running shoes are awesome! Make sure he gets a size larger than his usual to allow his toes plenty of space.


answers from Dallas on

I love my New Balance. I found Nikes to be too narrow and constricting.

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