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Updated on April 13, 2010
J.A. asks from Bradenton, FL
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Hi Mamma's. I have a question about Menapause. I will turn 40 (UGH!) in 2 months. I had always had very light short (3-4 day)periods with little to no cramping. After the birth of my second child, I got my tubes tied and suddenly my period became extremely heavy with amost disabling cramping lasting at least 6-7 days! Every month felt like I was having a miscarriage (which I've had so I know what it feels like). The doctor said that it was normal that it would change. It has also always been regular, same time every month, like clockwork!! Well last month it was about a week early. No biggie. But it lastest longer (a full 8 days). Now it's only been barely 2 weeks since the last one ended and I've started again!!! I'm also noticing little things like I'm hot when no one else is or I'm cold when no one else is and I'm having issues sleeping (which I have never had!). Could this be the start of Menapause???? I wish I could talk to my mother about this but we don't speak so I'm really hoping I can get some good advise from here! Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this!

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answers from Tampa on

I recommend you get a second opinion. You might consider seeing a holistic practioner like the M.D.s at Wellness Works in Brandon. I was having similar perimenopausal symptons (among other symptoms) and a simple change in diet and some minor hormone therapy improved my life tremendously and reduced or eliminated the symptoms altogether. I no longer have night sweats and I'm not longer so sensitive to hot and cold. For more information about hormone replacement therapy, I recommend Suzanne Sommers' books (forget any notion you have about her, the books have a lot of valuable information). In any case, you shouldn't let it wait. Those symptoms can be signs of something else.

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answers from Las Vegas on

hi there
sounds like peri-menapause... and it can creep in on you like that.. I had my child at 37 at thereafter, my periods what were once about medium flow, turned VERY heavy and lasted longer than ever.... and I began to get "hot" not in a good way :) haah and well found myself perspiring more... periods that were once 4 days became longer.... THEN... at 43 it began to change again.. and... although period is longer.. it's lighter without much cramping... AND my temperatures are lower than before in that I am not the cold one....... I also now get a slight dull headache right before ovulation and right before my period, which suggests to me... HORMONAL fluctuations...... do you chart? you might want to begin to do so, this way you will get a birdseye picture of what your cycles are doing..
for now..... I find my cycle to be more consistent.. but it has def changed.... I suspect it will be consistent for awhile and then it will no doubt change again...
so..... do I think you are peri-menopausal... probably.. BUT once you begin to chart, It might help you better manage your symptoms... it did for me..

best of luck :)


answers from San Francisco on

Homeopathy offers wonderful support to relieve side effects of menopause, pms, and fibroids.



answers from Tampa on

Normal is 37 to 57 for on set, so could be. Can someone ask your mother for you- her onset is the most certain indicator. Check your diet, if soy- get it out.Dr. Lee's book is good. Lots have used black cohosh- tincture added to water to help.


answers from Norfolk on

Peri menopause is the transitional state between menopause and your regular before hand state, and you could be in it. For a lot of people it can go on for about 10 or so years, and although your periods may be irregular, you can still get pregnant if you do not use any birth control. Night sweats were what identified it for me (hot flash at night with lots of sweating). Talk it over with your ob/gyn. Many people do nothing about it and are fine. My doctor told me over the counter items such as Estroven could help me manage my symptoms if they got too bothersome. (The hot flashes can be very annoying.) The average age is mid 40's for the start of this, but that's an average so many women start earlier or later and there is a broad range of what passes for normal.



answers from Tampa on

It's a very good possibility. Sounds all the women that I know that had their tubes tied. Check with your Doctor these things may or may not be normal but that is something you don't want to over look. Hang in there.


answers from Dallas on

I sort of doubt you are going through menopause. I would see your doctor and get checked out. There are other minor things that could be going on and a little hormone regulation might straighten you out. I believe there is a blood test that will tell whether it is the beginning of menopause.



answers from Miami on

Call Dr. Marianne Beck (North Broward) . She'll check your hormonal levels and get you on track.



answers from Orlando on

Could be peri-menopause, thyroid issue or PCOS. Definitely see a doctor to determine what is going onn. They should do bloodwork: TSH test (thyroid) and FSH test(follicle stimulating hormone). I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) at age 37. This is basically what they call menopause before the age of 40. I had horrible hot flashes at that age and started to have irregular cycles. I still have cycles at age 42 now, but they are irregular (can go three months without one and then get three in a row every two to three weeks). Hot flashes still come and go. I also have hypothyroidism and am on medication for that.
Once you get it figured out, you can find out what remedies work best for you. Not everything works for every body.
Good luck!



answers from Mayaguez on

Better get checked by your OBGyn. It could also have something to do with your thyroid. This gland regulates your system's hormones, so if it's not working properly, something else is also affected. Don't think it's menopause. You're waaay too young.
Don't dispair about your 40's. It really is a wonderful age to be. Think about it.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi J.,

This might be monopause however,... menopause can not be avoided, but it can be postponed with good nutrition. A good absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex along with a good diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains will keep it at bay for a while. That while can be anywhere from 10-15 years. Having your tubes tied just confused your body and you can get it back on track with nutrition.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
Shaklee has some natural supplements that helped me. If you want to know more, let me know.



answers from Indianapolis on

Here's a link for some information on Menopause:

However, I'd really recommend having an appointment with your OB/GYN. 40 is young for menopause, but it does happen in some people. However, your symptoms may be more indicative of something else that may not be related to menstruation and may need medical attention. Therefore, my recommendation is to at least call and ask if you should be seen.



answers from Tampa on

Hi there fellow Fabulous 40's sister! Yes, it sounds like you're in perimenopause. Your body starts to do all sorts of funky things - hot flashes, sleep interruptions, heart palpitations, etc. Go to your OB GYN and tell him/her about your symptoms. There's a great over the counter natural supplement that has REALLY helped me with the hotflashes, low energy level and mood swings - its' called Estroven Energy and it's great. Hope it helps. Enjoy your 40's - you'll find you feel more confident, more secure in who you are, more comfortable in your skin and that you've earned the right to be where you are in life :)

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