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Updated on February 14, 2012
R.R. asks from Burleson, TX
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My hubby is having a horrible time with his face lately. He is 48, if that matters. The problem is an allergic reaction to something. He was fine until I bought him some yummy smelling AXE gift set at Christmas. Shampoo, body wash, etc. Well, he is fine everywhere but on his face. He looks like a teenager having a bad breakout when he comes out of the shower. He quit using the axe, went back to just Zest (which has always been fine for him when he's had problems in the past with this), he is using shampoo with no scents (not axe). He likes to shave in the shower. We've tried sensitive shaving gel, but same result. Last week it dawned on me that the ONLY thing we hadn't changed was his razor, and maybe it was the lotion strip, so I bought razors with no strip. He doesn't like to use electric razors because they don't shave as close. And it isn't just the razor anyway, because the splotches are on his forehead and nose and between his eyes. Same result - he looks like a teen with a bad acne problem. Red splotchy all over his face. He said it burns, and I put hydrocortisone on his face and it feels better. Does anyone have any suggestions to try with him now? Soap, Shampoo? Anything I'm obviously overlooking? We've even tried new bath puffs and washcloths.

ETA: He's done the shaving vacation for 2-3 days - doesn't help. He's used the Gillette Fusion with the same results. That is actually the razor I replaced. His allergies are apple juice and milk, no contact allergies that we are aware of, but a history of sensitivity to a lot of bath soaps, which is why we've always used only Zest. Thanks for the suggestions so far! Keep them coming. Oh - he is seeing our family doctor next week for a physical, so this will be one of the topics. And IDK the ingredients in Axe.

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answers from Atlanta on

I use Gillette Fusion razors and gel.

Have him stop shaving for a few days to give his face a break. If it happens again after 2 or 3 days of not shaving (for some of us it's easy - for others - VERY hard to STOP shaving daily) then I would see a dermatologist to see what's happening.

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answers from Detroit on

I buy Nivea Sensitive Skin for men or Dove for men for my hubby. There's also Neutrogena. Have him take a does of benadryl also. Does your hubby have any allergies? What are the ingredients in the Axe?

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answers from Detroit on

I would try Cetaphil on his face and see what happens -- it is really gentle. Or, if he's comfortable with not using any soap for a bit he could just rinse his face in warm water and use a washcloth to gently rub off any residue. It could be that an allergic reaction from the Axe is having a hard time healing because of the Zest and shaving. If it keeps up it wouldn't hurt to see a dermatologist.

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answers from Dallas on

My son (45) had to start using Dove bar soap. Even the liquid soap bothered him, but not the bar. He uses it for shaving too - just makes a lather - wallah - no problems.



answers from Dallas on

I had that happen to me years ago. The ONLY thing that worked PERMANENTLY was a vitamin from the health food store by Nature's Way called AKN Skin Care. It got rid of the acne and made my skin soft.



answers from Dallas on

There is a great product for men that will help his skin and also make shaving much more smooth. You can go to and under Shoping click on Relivables, then scroll down to the men's skin products.

This is put out by a nutritional Supplement Company, great product. My husband loves it and has no more issues with shaving.

If you need help or have question feel free to call me at ###-###-####.

Best Wishes.



answers from Dallas on

My hubby wound up going to the dermatologist for a skin test. It let him know exactly what ingredient he was allergic to that was in his products. Very helpful!


answers from Dallas on

i have sensitive skin so I can only imagine... things that have worked for me in the past would be Clinique, Neutrogena, I can not use Cetephil on my face (although is is highly recommended), for shaving my legs so that I don't rash I LOVE Aveno Shave Gel but the other shave gels don't work for me at all they can make me rash easily.

as far as face products I'm very dry but I've worked in skin care products before and what I learned is that even oily skin needs cleansing and hydration, you might consider a cleanser called Purpose, you can get it at walmart target or the grocery store, (usually on the bottom shelf or top shelf because it isn't a big name brand) it is great for oily skin, I have some for my son, and when he uses it it seems to help a lot. but please find a oil free moisturizer ( I think Purpose makes on but not sure,) that will work for him, because if you strip off the oil from cleansing and don't replace the hydration your skin will produce more oil to compensate, every time I have shared this with people (friends and clients) they have had great results!



answers from Boston on

Have you switched back to his old shampoo? You mention using a non-Axe shampoo but not whether or not it's the same one he used before. If you haven't gone back to his old shampoo, I would start with that. If you have, then maybe try something else very gentle (if you ask a pharmacist he or she should be able to tell you which brands are good for people with allergies or sensitivities). It may be that the shampoo is irritating his skin as it rinses off. Poor guy...I hope he looks and feels better soon!

I had to chuckle at the Axe. My oldest son is 13 and he and his friends have ruined Axe forever...they all got into it when they were 11 or so and were so heavy handed with the products that whenever I smell one of those scents, it reminds me of adolescent boys!

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