Memory Lapses or Forgetfulness

Updated on February 14, 2012
C.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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Some people call it mommy brain and some people it is just forgetfulness. My problem goes back to my teenage years so it is not mommy brain.

Here are some of the things I have done recently:

I go into a room to get something and forget what I went into the room to get.

I need to go to the grocery store to get one specific item. I get distracted and buy other things and leave the store without the one item that I went there to buy.

I write out a list and still forget things and realize after I get home that I forgot to put the items on the list.

I am sure I do other things but can't remember what they are at this time. LOL!

I am concerned that if my memory is this bad now then what will it be like when I am a senior citizen?

I am not sure what to do to help my memory improve? It is like my brain is in a fog or something?

Help! What can I do?

What can I do next?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Just today I told someone at work that I read an article and found I had 7 of the 8 symptoms of Alzheimer's (and always have.) She asked me what the 1 symptom was that I didn't have and I responded, "I can't remember." I wasn't trying to be funny, but it was funny.

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answers from Cumberland on

"Dude-where's my car?" You think that line comes from a movie? I think Eve first spoke that line as she was leaving the garden. It's about being a mom-or in my case-getting older and having a lot of inner noise.

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answers from Austin on

Do you snore at night? Do you stop breathing at night? Ask your husband if you are not sure.

I have snored since I was a teen..

I found out this last spring I have sleep apnea.. I was not getting a full nights sleep.. who knows for how long?

I am now on a CPAP machine and it is really helping with my energy and my memory..

I have always been a person who makes lists.. Every day and every night. Of course it is not a good day when I forget my list..

Just part of being a busy person with a lot of responsibilities.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Daniel Amen has done some great research into brain activity and strengthening it.. this includes our memory of course . He has specific programs that you can follow that can help your memory and brain health, He has written many books.. check em out on the web or the next time he is on PBS..

Also, it's not uncommon in the least for women to have brain fog as they call it due to hormone spikes and fluctuations.. I track my cycle and know specifically when that brain fog might happen..... so you may want to notice if you have memory lapses all the time or just around certain times of the month...

good luck to you..

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answers from Houston on

Do you forget everything? Or just your responsibilities and things you need to do?

There was a study a while ago regarding selective memory. Some people had no trouble remembering things like the date and time their favorite TV show comes on, or the name of their first crush in school, or what their favorite movie star wore to the Academy Awards, but had difficulties remembering short term responsibilities. It concluded that you basically chose to remember what you want, bar genetic and enivronmental factors leading to memory loss.

There are lots of things to improve your memory. Cut back on your digital use, including your cell phone. Seriously. How many times did you forget to do something, and you immediately call home...or make it gets done? Or what if you forgot the time you are supposed to meet a friend for lunch? You just call your friend up right at that moment, right? Same goes for finding out how to get somewhere...instead of looking on a map to write down the directions, you just go to the internet and pull up a map, or worse - you use your GPS.

I'm not preaching again digital gadgets by any means, however, if you are fully dependent on them to remember something or even use them as entertaining brain stimulation, its going to hinder your memory improvement.

Do a mind puzzle every day - crossword, word games, the Rubik's cube - something you have to figure out how to do...and no digital crosswords either!

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answers from Dallas on

Make lists. On your phone, on paper, wherever. Don't make your grocery list just before you go to the store. Start it when you realize you are out of something, and keep a running list until you go. Then take a pen and cross things off as you buy them so you don't forget something on your list. I second the idea of google calendar, or outlook's calendar... Both send reminders to me.

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answers from Phoenix on


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answers from Denver on

It may be related to sleep or lack thereof. I know my memory or ability to retain info. is severely compromised when I don't sleep. As we age, our estrogen declines and this can add to sleep deprivation.

In the meantime, I write everything down, started using the google calendar for EVERYTHING which I can access from my Iphone and it sends reminders too!

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answers from Portland on

You are so normal. I've been like that all of my life and only became concerned once I hit the senior years. I talked with my counselor and my doctor about this. I read several articles and a book. All of the incidents you mention I've seen in writing as normal forgetfulness.

The one thing that is more likely to happen if one has Alzheimers or some other brain defect is that the person is unaware of their memory loss.

Your brain is fully activated with a million and one things to remember. As a teen it was learning about yourself and growing up. As a mom it's mommy brain. It's just not possible to always be on top of everything.

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answers from Appleton on

Keep a notebook in your purse and make lists and more lists. If you need to remember something in say an hour turn your watch around to the inside of your wrist, set a timer, put a piece of bright colored tape on your dashboard. The reminder will hopefully trigger the memory.

Did you have your tubes tied? Memory loss is a long term side effect of a tubal.

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answers from Dallas on

Have you ever heard of "event boundaries"? It's when you leave to go into another room to get something and you forget so you turn around and go back into the other room and you remember. LIke retracing your steps. Something about the mind when you go through a doorway it starts off on other things associated with that room. I can't explain it very well, but google "event boundary" there's lots of studies on it. I think it's called newcleptia (not sure how it's spelled, but that's MY spelling.



answers from Dallas on

C. A, I am taking nutrional supplements that has Omega 3 and other brain food which is great memory booster among other thinkgs. I am sure you can benefit from it.

Let me know if interested and I will share details.

Have a great weekend!



answers from Dallas on

Coconut Oil - NOT hydrogenated - but PURE .....! They're using it in treating Alzheimers - it can prevent and even reverse and it does wonders for your memory!


answers from Washington DC on

i've always been this way, and i hate to tell you, hon, it only gets worse!
i'm a pretty smart woman, but my front brain just can't keep it all together. bits fall out all the time. i take brain-power supplements and do lots of crosswords, which is fun but doesn't seem to make things much better. i tell myself that maybe it would be worse otherwise.
do use lists (they really do help, even if you often forget to look at them or bring them to the store with you) and develop an excellent sense of humor.
:) khairete



answers from Dallas on

Check your vitamin levels. Magnesium deficiency can be tied to memory loss among other things (read the book the Magnesium Miracle for more info). Our food supply is no longer nutrient dense thanks to pesticides, GMOs, mineral depletion from soils, and many other reasons. My daughter has several autoimmune illnesses and I have really studied up on the effects of diet on her health. Switching her to a special diet worked wonders, but I also learned her Vitamin D, Omega-3s and glutathione levels are too low. I am now wondering about Magnesium and plan to get her level checked. Just make sure if you get supplements that you look for ones without a bunch of unnecessary fillers/additives. Or you could just have too much on your mind!



answers from Dallas on

I don't have an answer for you, but you are not alone. I am the same way and always have been. I don't remember things from my childhood, except bad things that have scarred me in some way. I don't remember movies I've watched or books I've read. My past is just kind of a big fog unless I have pictures to remind me, and even then I forget what the picture was unless I write it down. Hell, sometimes even then I don't remember it happening. I forget things ALL the time. Everything on your list I do on a very regular basis. I take vitamins, supplements, Omega-3's and I eat lots of veggies with nutrients. It doesn't help. I'm pretty smart and that doesn't help either. I make lists and that helps to the extent that it reminds me what I need, but like you said, doesn't help when I forget them or lose them. I'm very well organized but still forget where things are. It has gotten much worse now that I am a mom, but I have always been this way. It just plain sucks, but I guess it's who I am. If you find a solution, PLEASE let me know!

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