Melted Butter on T-shirt

Updated on February 18, 2009
K.B. asks from East Troy, WI
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i just spilled hot melted butter on my favorite t-shirt. and i mean it's all down the front of my shirt. how do i get the stain out without losing my shirt???

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So What Happened?

thnnk-you everyone and your ideas. i did soak the shirt with dawn soap right on the stain. and rinsed it lightly. i put it in the wash with shout on the stain and washed in cold water. i also added a little oxy-clean to the load. the shirt came out without a trace of the stain!!!! thanks again!!!!

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Make a paste with Borax and water, and rub into the stained areas. I use Borax to clean greasy pots and pans, and oil and butter spills in the kitchen, so I don't see why it wouldn't work on your shirt. I also make my own laundry detergent, and Borax is one of the ingredients.

Fels Naptha is also a great stain remover.

Whatever you use to treat the stain, wash it in cold water and air dry it. Do NOT wash it in hot water or use the dryer--you will set the stain. It may take a few treatments and washes to get the stain completely out.



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I use Shout Advanced Action Gel- it's in a small blue spray bottle in the laundry section and it takes out everything. I have three kids and haven't found anything yet that it doesn't remove... i always have a spare bottle on hand as I can't live without it!



answers from Lincoln on

I usually treat grease like that with a bit of Dawn, the dish soap. let it sit for a bit and then wash. dont dry until out. so you might have to repeat treatment two or three times, but should work, it has for me. Also there is this fab stuff called, Totally Toddler, that is a stain remover. works wonders on formula and other stains that wont come out.



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I use Dawn dish soap for every kind of greasy stain. Put some soap directly on the stain and let it sit and then fill the sink with warm water and soak it for awhile. It should wash right out.

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