Updated on March 06, 2008
K.J. asks from Wichita, KS
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Hi, I have a question on medicines you buy online. Are the medicines you can order online comparable to the medicines the doctor would prescribe to you? Are their any reputable places to order online?

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answers from Tulsa on


Never buy medicines from a group you do not know well. Having said that, I understand there are some in Canada that are good.

If your insurance allows it buy your medicine in 90 day supplies. If you have no insurance, write the company, even online and see if they will help by giving them to you. They have given medicines to several people I know.

Good luck.



answers from Kansas City on

Hello, I am a Pharmacy trainer and many of the medicines that are ordered online come from Canada. Also, if a Doctor does not actually prescribe them after diagnosing you there is a chance that you are taking medicine for something you don't even have. Good Luck



answers from Oklahoma City on

If you have a script for the meds and the place you order from is in the USA then most of them are good. But if you do not have a script and order from some of these places that our not in the USA you have to be careful.
Have heard of several who lost their money or recieved meds that was old, and/or weak.
I would just be sure if you order it online it's from a place that will ask for your script and is within the USA.
Good luck.



answers from Columbia on

I have buying synthroid from for about 5 years...they also have petmeds and OTC products. My doctor faxes them the script and I get three months worth for $34...the synthroid I get from them is made in the US BUT it would cost me more to buy it from a US pharmacy because my indocrinologist insists I take synthroid NOT a generic(the man is a PILL)

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