Medication at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

Updated on December 04, 2010
S.L. asks from Pasadena, CA
4 answers

I have a friend that went into the hospital at 28 weeks after her water broke. They have managed to keep the baby in but have her on all kinds of medication. They are saying theat she has a sore on the inside of her uterus that is causing her savere pain...I have NEVER heard of this. Anyone else? The medication that they are giving her is Percocet, some kind of sleeping pill and pinecillin.
will this harm the baby?

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answers from Redding on

You don't even want to know the hard core drugs I was on during my pregnancy. I was critically ill and in the hospital most of the time. My son is 15 and perfectly healthy in every way.
I can't comment on her condition, but I know in my case, my doctors knew exactly what they were doing and my son and I both turned out fine which was questionable there for awhile before he was born.

All was and is well.
Doctors don't give mothers medication without knowing what they are doing. At least that was my experience. I had specialists so I never questioned it.

Be there for your friend and support her through this tough time.



answers from Sacramento on

Doctors are really well versed in what's safe during pregnancy. I strained a rib muscle due to a horrible cough when pregnant with our second. It was so excruciating I could barely move without crying. The doctor put me on a prescription pain reliever and it made all the difference in the world. Our daughter had zero side effects from the medication. I wouldn't worry at all about how her doctors are managing her care. Sounds like they're giving her the relief she needs.



answers from St. Louis on

Doctors will not give a pregnant woman something that will harm the baby. At 28 weeks the baby is fully formed, all vital organs formed. All the baby needs to do now is gain weight. So I wouldn't worry about the medicine as much as keeping the baby in the womb as long as possible.



answers from Minneapolis on

Well when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my first (now 22 months) I was hospitalized for a week for a severe kidney infection that almost killed me (seriously). I was given Demerol shots, migraine pills, sleeping pills, strong IV antibiotics and percocet when I was discharged from the hospital. Apparently some pills/medicine no matter how strong is somewhat safe for short use in pregnancy. My son was born perfectly healthy with nothing wrong. And if I didnt get the medicines I needed to get better, he probably wouldnt have survived. Im sure the docs know what they are doing, and she will be fine. They are trying to make her feel more comfortable and well.

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