Medically Themed Birthday Party!!

Updated on June 15, 2008
A.B. asks from Plainview, TX
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Hi All!!!

I was needing your ideas about having a medically themed birthday party for my dd who will be 2 next month! Any ideas? I have a few ideas but feel that they need to jazz up a bit. I was thinking pin the nurse, have little cups filled with candy to resemble med cups. What are your thoughts? Is she too young for this type of party? Any feedback or advice is welcome!



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answers from Dallas on

I would do a regular type party, but if you want to get her something medically oriented, why not buy here for dress up scrubs as a gift. I have seen them for 2 year olds and are soooo cute!

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answers from Dallas on

Well, I have to say that I considered doing a "doctor" party at a young age for daughter. She had a doctor kit and LOVED playing doctor. It was all she wanted to do!! She doctored us, her stuffed animals, our pets, anyone who came to the house.

So, if this is your daughter's interest, then go for it. It is true that later she won't remember any of it...but you'll have some cute pictures.

You'll want to make sure you set it up really cute too, with decorations and such, and invite friends who like to play doctor/nurse with your daughter (only 2 or 3 preferable)...with some kids you say "doctor" and they freak out!

I'm attaching a site with lots of games you can play for any kid's party theme for this age. They'll love it!

Good luck!

P.S. - I was at Target yesterday and saw a Barbie doctor coat. It was hanging up with the Barbie Princess dresses. I think it was actually a "vet" coat, but still the same idea...



answers from Austin on

I agree with the other moms about candy that looks like medicine is not a good idea.

Also, some 2 year olds, especially ones with older siblings, may be "encouraged" by a medical-themed party to explore their bodies inappropriately in front of other children (nothing sexual of course - just things that are not appropriate for your 2 year old, like reenacting child birth). My mother has taught 3 & 4 year olds for over 20 years and it always amazes me how much those kids know or are curious about child birth and their body parts. If your daughter hasn't already been exposed to this, a medical-themed party might not be the best idea if there are other kids around who want to mimic what they've seen or been told. Playing "doctor" in a controlled environment with you there to supervise and answer her questions is okay, but I'd avoid exposing other kids to that idea in case it offends their parents.



answers from Dallas on

I have to agree with everyone that it sounds like a bad idea for a lot of reasons...the candy medicine, putting a pin in someone, etc.
Why don't you have a dress up party? The kids can come as people who they want to be now or when they grow up? Your daughter and her friends could come as a nurse or doctor, a firefighter, a teacher, princess, and so on. Then you could get her medical thing in there, but it would still be fun for little babies. Kids love, love, love to dress up. My daughter has the coolest Vet costume. It came with a pad to write a diagnosis, a stethoscope, a kit, etc. I loved it because it was more unique than the regular "doctor" outfits. You can be really creative with dress up parties!
And really, games are lost on kids this young. Let them play, do a craft project, etc. But games where they have to wait in a long line for their turn are so boring for them.
Birthday Direct is a great place to buy things. They ship sooooo fast. I got my shipment from them last week after only two days, and the shipping was free because I spent over 55 dollars.
Good luck! If you have any more party planning questions or want help with anything like that, ask me. I love that stuff and would help for free!


answers from Dallas on

I admire you for going back to school to make a better life for you and your daughter but this party idea sounds like YOUR party not a 2 yr old bday party.

Also, I agree with Ann on the "candy". Kids this age don't know or understand the difference in a pretty pill or sweet piece of candy.

I'd stick with something she likes, animals, princesses, etc. Oriental trading has some great ideas.

I think your heart is in the right place, she is just too young to be thinking of medical careers, etc. She needs to enjoy being a little girl.

Best wishes...



answers from Dallas on

I have to agree on some of the points. The candy med cups are all around a bad idea. If you really want to have the medical themed party stick to other types of gummy band aids(gumi-aid)...they are a little hard to find.
Change up the pin the nurse thing to something like sign the cast.
She probably is a little young for this, but any party at this age is more for the big people than the kids.
Just really think through any ideas you have because we are talking about medicine and stuff that could be dangerous.



answers from Dallas on

I would not do the candy to look like meds. Then you might have a child go home and think medicine is candy and get into the med cabinet.



answers from Abilene on

definetely to young to understand stick to animals things she likes, most likely she wont even remember this one when she is older but the parties usually are themed on your childs favorite character or animals. god bless



answers from Dallas on

In my opinion she is too young for this type of party. She would have no clue the meaning behind it and it would be more a party for YOU than her.

I say stick to a Kid Friendly Theme: Princess, Pooh, Barbie, etc.

We just had a Disney Princess Party for my DD two weeks ago at Gymboree Play and Music and it was a HIT!!! We did dress up and pretend tea party and all the kids loved it. In fact we are taking her to Disney World/Sea World/Universal Studios in three months so it is a great introduction to all the Princess and make believe to come.

As a Mom who whet to school to be a Medical lab tech and my husband went to med school and is a Chemist I understand where your coming from. We would love our daughter to be in the medical field - a Doctor would be great! We introduce her to the science and explain things in a medical way. But i think this is pushing it a bit.



answers from Dallas on

This sounds like it would be a fun idea for a cocktail party. Maybe you should do this for your birthday or graduation party.

But you're dd is only going to be 2, she's not going to remember any of this and may feel overwhelmed if you go over board. I have to agree regarding the candy medicine thing too. Not a good idea (for kids) on many levels. Save yourself the money and the aggravation and keep it simple. If there's cake and ice cream, they're going to have a blast.

Good luck!



answers from Amarillo on

Sorry A., but I think a medical themed party isn't really for a 2 year old. What does your daughter like? Teddy bears, baby dolls, butterflies? I would do more of a theme based on what she likes or likes to watch on tv. There are soooo many party-idea sites online with all the decorations, party favors and anything else you would need for a birthday party. Two of my faves are and Well good luck and please let us know how the party turned out :).

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