Medical Weight Loss or Weight Watchers.

Updated on June 03, 2011
S.C. asks from Troy, MI
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Okay! I no fade diets aren't really the way to go..BUT I need something to help me out. I have never tried Medical Wloss so I don't know the cost or how it works..if I could get some feedback on that I would appreciate it. WW works but I just wanted to know if one was "better" than the other?


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answers from Detroit on

Weight Watchers can't be beat in every way. If it takes longer to lose the wt, your chances of keeping it off are much greater. I've lost over 100# on WW and have been able to make huge changes in my lifestyle that I can live with. The new WW program is really great, based on the latest scientific info. I'd never opt for anything else. The group support at the meetings, having a leader who really cares about you (shop around if you don't find one at first), having lots of tools to help you - it's all good! No trickery - just healthy eating and increasing your activity. It's not expensive and some insurances cover part of it, like HAP. Once you're at your goal for 6 wks, you can go free forever if you stay within 2 lbs. of your goal. You can't beat that!

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answers from Detroit on

Hi, with friends who were former MWL clients and now have switched to WW I can say that WW is better on the "pockets" :)

It teaches you lifestyle changes. Being a longtime WW member I speak from experience when I say that after a while the healhier way of eating just becomes natural.

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answers from Syracuse on

ww works---it is based on basic nutrition------simple,easy,free.....

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answers from Detroit on

My husband went to Medical Weight Loss and liked it at first, because he saw really fast results, but he couldn't sustain it. They use shakes as replacement meals and cut his calories down to nothing. When he couldn't stomach the shakes anymore, he gave up and gained all his weight back. I tried WW after my second son was born and lost a lot of weight. However, I got tired of counting my points all the time and have since gained a lot of it back. That's not anything against WW, just letting you know that it's not foolproof. I'm thinking about going back to WW, but I know what really holds me back is tracking, so I'm going to start doing that first to see if I can do it on my own. There's a really good tool called MyFitnessPal out on the internet that will track calories for you (kinda like WW but with calories instead of points). I will say that WW is good for the meetings. You get tips and tricks and support. So I'm going to start with this MFP app, and then get back to WW. Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

I've done Weight Watchers and loved it! I just couldn't lose the remaining 20 lbs. of baby weight and at 40, knew my metabolism was zero. WW helped me get rid of those lbs. while learning the right way to eat. I've kept off the weight I lost through them last year. I even did their online only program and got great results.

A friend of mine just started their newest program a couple weeks ago and has already lost 6 lbs.


answers from Dallas on

herbalife shape works work for me i ost 130 pounds in 2 years

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