Measuring Big for My week......any Advice?

Updated on March 30, 2010
A.K. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi, my last appointment was february 10th and i measured at 27 weeks instead of 23. I am 5'4'' and started my pregnancy at just 112 lbs. my mom also had my brother at a big size - 11 lbs. anyone have advice for me? doc said baby looks normal as well as fluid amount. also, my original due date was june 3rd, my doc changed it to june 20th a few weeks ago. please help! - first time mom

When the doc changed my due date she said its coz the baby looked smaller than he shouldve been for a june 3rd due date. everything so far has looked fine, no problems or anything like that. sometime in the 4th month i had a threatened miscarriage tho. had severe cramps with bleeding but the ultrasound done in the er showed everything was fine. baby boy was just very active. doc hasnt tested for gestational diabetes yet. but we will see. my next appointment is the 17th. just wondering is anyone had advice lol. baby boy has been very active the entire pregnancy.

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answers from San Francisco on

I was 112 too and at delivery was 155. My son was 7pds 11oz and healthy. be careful with changing of due dates, ALWAYS go with the first ultra sound. I learned the hard way because first ultrasound and going by my last cycle he was due on Halloween. The second ultrasound they changed it and said he looked big so my new due date was Oct 23, they moved it up. So, my new due date of the 23rd came and went and on the 30th went to hospital to be induced and they said they had 2 due dates for me. They said they would not induce because they ALWAYS go with the first ultrasound which would be the 31st. It should have never been changed and not one doc caught it. So I went back home and on the 31st which was the first ultrasound due date i went into labor.
Go with the first ultrasound date!!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Stop eating ice cream.
JUST KIDDING! That's what insensitive people always told me! ;) I for one, am encouraging all kinds of ice cream eating!

I'm a bit taller than that, but I have two friends who are your size and even smaller and they said that they measured bit the entire time because they were just so small. There really isn't any place for the baby to go besides out when you don't have a long torso. Also, it is quite common that maybe the baby is just in a different position, causing your belly to bulge out more than usual. If the baby's bottom is towards the front it could cause a big bump and make you look bigger.

11lbs is a huge baby, especially for someone your size, so hopefully you're not going down that route. Gestational diabetes won't probably be ruled out for a few more weeks yet, but it's possible.

Your due date could change, but usually it's just the computer calculation when it measures the baby's size, but it's strange for it to change by so many days!! Did your doctor mention why it was changed?

Overall, don't worry. Pregnancy does strange and unusual things to your body! It will be okay!

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answers from Austin on

I am a midwife and your baby may have gone through a growth spurt during that time. The due date is an estimation only. The only person that knows the best day for your baby to be born is the baby itself. Also, it would be very rare for your body to grow a baby that it could not deliver vaginally. Your body knows what it is doing. I had a client that was only 5 feet tall and her first baby was almost 10lbs. She pushed him out just fine.



answers from Dallas on

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I started at 98 pounds and I'm 4'11", ended at 148 pounds (and lost all of the weight in about 3 months), and always measured large. I did the same with my second pregnancy. Both pregnancies had many complications, and both babies were born about a month early - my first son weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and the second weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces. I had gestational diabetes with the second. The first was a vaginal delivery with complications, and the second was a c-section.

The most important thing is that both were very healthy babies. It sounds like your doctor is monitoring you closely, and if you have any additional concerns you should ask your doctor questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. That's what they are there for. I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. :-)



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like you are doing good. I was 118 when I got pregnant with my daughter and am 5'4". I was 190 when I delivered (yes I put on 70lbs! But lost it all in about 5-6 months) and my little one was 8lb/12oz/21in a week early. I did not have Gest. Diabetes or any other conditions. But I had a vaginal birth that was only 9 hours start to finish, so you can do it! Keep getting your prenatal care and I'm sure your doctor will let you know if there is something else to be done. Just make sure to address any concerns you have with your OB, they should be able to explain everything thoroughly and ease some of your fears. Best of luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Your story sounds very familiar to me. I was about your size, measured 2-3 bigger than I should throughout the pregnancy. My OB was so sure her estimates were right, she was quoting 9+ lbs starting as early as 7 months. My OB was out of town when I delivered and her colleagues scoffed and said no way. First was born at 10 lbs and 2nd at 8 1/2 (and only because he came early).

Our bodies only grow babies that we can deliver is a nice sounding theory but is simply not true.



answers from Portland on

I think you're just doing fine, momma! I measured big my entire pregnancy (I'm 5'2") and my son came out at 7lb15oz and perfect!
Babies go through growth spurts in the belly just like they do once they're out. They can grow steadily or have HUGE spurts! My son just grew 3 inches in three months to give an example.
I would just try to relax and enjoy this, because you're going to have another one with you soon! :)


answers from Dallas on

I've always measured a few weeks ahead like you (I'm only about 24 weeks though).
For me, I had to get a second opinion on what the dr was saying. My first one was trying to push mine back to August (based on baby size then?), while the second one wanted to move it up. I'm finally happy with the third one, who's leaving it at July 22. My older brother was almost 11lbs,, and that scares me. My step mom told me that it should be a mix of what you were at birth and what your baby's dad was. I can't do that for me because I was a twin and born early, so I don't know how much validity is to it. Did they estimate the weight for you at any sono? good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

Has gestational diabetes been ruled out?


answers from Pocatello on

I think you sound just fine. I am 5'3 and with my first pregnancy my starting weight was 115. I only gained 28 pounds but I measured big through my whole pregnancy. So with me just gaining a normal amount of weight the doctors thought I was just having a big baby. Nope. She was born 9 days early and was only 6 pounds 9 oz. So sometimes you can just measure big because the baby is just laying funny. I think you will be just fine. Try not to worry. :)



answers from Savannah on

Your due date definitely could change. Also being that your mom had a big's possible that yours is a big baby too (which is why you're measuring big). I wouldn't worry about it. If the doctors don't seem concerned...I'm sure everything is fine.


answers from Dallas on

I would ask for a level 2 sonogram to be sure that everything is okay. They don't measure your fundal height based on your weight gain...they measure it based on the height of your uterus which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the size of your baby. A level 2 sonogram can rule out other possibilities and give you some peace of mind for the remaining 17 weeks.



answers from Augusta on

I am 5 4 also and alway measured big and my babies were big. I gained 50lbs with the first and only 30 with the second and the second was a full lb bigger than the first.
We have big babies in our family the smallest of all of us was 8lb 31/2 oz 21 1/2 inches long. And the more we have the bigger they get which is why I stopped at two , ROFL.
It sounds like you are doing fine.

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