Measuring 5 Wks Too Large at 31 wks..need Your Experiences, Please.

Updated on October 16, 2010
S.L. asks from Brownsville, TX
9 answers

Hi moms!
I saw my doctor yesterday and I measured 5 weeks too big. They ordered a sonogram for Thursday and told me not to worry, it is either one of two things, a big baby or too much amniotic fluid. I laughed when I thought about the possibility of a big baby as all my babies were big babies (9, 10, and 11lbs each) and I never measured too big with them. I thought, "Lord, how big is this one going to be? Should I have all my one year old clothes on hand?" LOL!!
Well, I did a search last night on too much amniotic fluid and the causes and effects and now I am terrified! Pyloric stenosis, cleft palate, neurological disorders, were all possible results of too much fluid. My sister in law just went through the same thing and delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy, but my mind won't rest and I fear the worst.
Has anyone out there gone through the same thing? I want the good and the bad please. I need to know what to expect should there be health issues with my little one.
A little bit about my pregnancy so far...I am 38. I have been super healthy this pregnancy. Blood tests are normal, no high blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, no swelling even. I have only gained 2 pounds with this pregnancy but have lost them so I really am puzzled as to how I am measuring so big.
Thursday can't come soon enough!
Thank you moms!

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answers from Houston on

I was told I was measuring big both times and with my second they said I had a lot of fluid. I was induced at 41 wks with the first and at 39 with the second bc my dr was concerned. Both my babes came in at right under 8lbs and are healthy and perfect. Try not to worry!!! Late term ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate. It does sound like you have another hefty lil one in there, but it sounds like you are used to that!! Just do you best to chill and don't borrow trouble. No more internet searches if you can help it mama;)



answers from Bloomington on

This happened to me (I only measured 3.5 weeks too big, though). My baby, at term, was only 7 pounds, 5 ounces. It was his position...totally the way he was situated in there threw the measurement off. It could be a moderately large baby (given your history of them), a bit too much fluid, and an awkward position. Also...are you pretty sure your due date is right? Try to relax, and best wishes!


answers from Bellingham on

For us, I didn't measure too big, I measured way to small at my 33 week appointment. Emergency ultrasounds were ordered and panic ensued. Turns out there was no need, it was an interm doctor filling in for my regular and she was taking the measurements differently. I have a tilted pelvis which meant they had to take the measurement in a different way (don't ask me what way, that's what they told me) anyways, when they re-measured correctly it turned out all was fine.

If it's not a measurement thing, and is one of the two things your doctor mentioned then hang in there. There is nothing you can do about it but wait. Odds are, it's something simple, if this has just come on now, I wouldn't worry!

Let us know how it goes.



answers from Johnson City on

I measured big both times. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this. I did have extra amniotic fluid both times although the second time this fixed itself. I measured 4 weeks ahead my entire first pregnancy and had a 9lb 11 oz 22.5 inch baby. I measured 3 weeks ahead my 2nd pregnancy and had a 6 lb 10 oz baby. Extra amniotic fluid can increase the chance of preterm labor, but my babies made it to 38 and 39 weeks. These measurements are about as accurate as ultrasound weights. It's a good thing to look at just in case, but most of the time there is no problem.



answers from Sacramento on

I've found these measurements to be totally inaccurate. I was told with both of my kids that I was measuring small, which seemed odd to me since both sides of our families have big babies (none smaller than 8 lbs. ever). My first was 8 lbs. 9 oz. and second was 8 lbs. 12 oz. I would not classify these as small babies.

I wouldn't stress at all about what the doctor said until you get a real answer about the amniotic fluid situation (which I've never heard of before, so I'm guessing it's rare?). My guess is that you just have a baby that's the size of your other kids, which is big ... just not one will walk at birth and start talking immediately! :)



answers from Austin on

Don't stress about it (easier said than done). Mine all measured different. My son was expected to be 10lbs he was 9. My second son was expected to be 8 lbs he was 9. My daugther was expected to be 7 and she was 9.

Wait and see there are all sorts of reasons why you can be 'measuring big' but text book numbers don't always match up.

Good Luck with the sonogram I hope it all goes well!




answers from St. Louis on

I was measuring big with all three my pregnancies. My first was even 2 weeks late weighing almost 9 lbs, my second measured a couple weeks further but only weighed a little over 7 lbs, and with my third I measured 2-3 weeks further at a couple dr apts he ended up being the biggest 9 lbs 6 oz. Is the doctor sure their is only one baby? :) good luck



answers from Houston on

My boss just had a healthy baby girl and she also masured too big, but her baby was almost 9 lbs. I have a friend who delivered premature because of extra fluid, the baby was a healthy 6 lbs and 5 weeks early, she did great and is now a health pre teen.

I definitely wouldn't stress about it, hopefully all is well on the sonogram. I'm sure everything will be fine!



answers from Wausau on

LOL I was measuring 43 weeks when I delivered at 38 weeks. I had a ton of extra fluid, all we could do when I was in labor was laugh at all the fluid comming out. My little lady is just fine, she was also larger then we thought she would be being early 7lbs 11 oz but all was fine. I had a pill of a time afterwards will swelling though which I didnt' with my first two who always measure under what they should have been.

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