Measuring 5 Weeks Ahead of Due Date

Updated on April 10, 2012
A.S. asks from Broken Arrow, OK
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Hi there,
This is my second baby and I have been measuring 5 weeks ahead of my due date since about 24 weeks. I am now 33 weeks. Just wondering if this could cause me to go into labor early... has anyone experienced this? I have a normal amount of fluid so that's not it. I'm actually wondering if my due date is a little off. I remember the first day of my last period which would make my due date May 16th but the ultrasound said that my due date is May 26th. Anyway, I'm confused. Any thoughts?

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answers from New York on

Something is "off" here... your LMP says May 16th, your ultrasound says May 26th, but you're measuring 5 weeks ahead? According to what? Your ultrasound would have you 10 days "small" for your LMP date... are you referring to the measurement they take at your appointment? Those are wildly inaccurate.

It's all a guessing game. There's really no way to know exactly what day your baby was concieved AND implanted. Due dates are based on averages. The average pregnancy is 38-42 weeks, hence the "40 week" date you are given. In all reality, most babies are born within 3 or 4 days of that date in either direction. HUGE margin of error there!

As my doctor has said... he wishes they gave out "ballpark dates" rather than specifics, but the insurance companies want something more exact. I'm due on April 16th according to my LMP and 18th according to my last ultrasound. My doctor has told us not to plan anything after the 13th to be safe.

Good luck. Ask your doctor at your next appointment where they are getting the measurement from. If it's your fundal height, it could be more of a reflection of the weight gain than the development of your child- which is really only observed through the ultrasound.

Could you go into labor early? Sure. More likely, if you have a really big baby, they'll schedule you for an early induction or c-section.

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answers from Washington DC on

The Ultrasound is measuring ahead or your belly shape is measuring ahead?
If the Ultrasound is measuring up, I would prepare for an early arrival. The doctor may decide that the baby is too large for a natural delivery.

If your belly is measuring large, I wouldn't worry. I measured 3 weeks up on my pregnancies.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Is your baby measuring five weeks head of your due date? Because if s/he is... then that's a major difference! Or is your belly measuring five weeks ahead of the average belly size for your due date? If that's all it is, don't worry one bit. There is a chart of belly sizes (basically your belly will grow 1 centimeter per week) and that's what women are tracked against. If you gain weight quickly, or carry all in your belly, you'll be bigger than the average. Nothing to worry about.

But... do talk to your doctor about what your real due date is. It could matter if you go overdue whether it's May 16 or May 26.

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answers from Norfolk on

Depends on when the ultrasound determining your due date was performed. As I recall, the most accurate ultrasound for determining fetal age is trans-vaginal between 7 and 10 weeks gestational age. Also, is your baby "measuring" five weeks ahead in an ultrasound where they measure EVERYTHING!?! Or is this the tape measure on the belly? I don't have a lot of faith in the tape measure. Due dates are just an estimate. You can go ahead of schedule or late. I know. Makes it hard to make plans. :-)

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answers from Chicago on

With my second, I measured 15 weeks ahead of my due date! :)

I had too much amniotic fluid. I did have to go for regular ultrasounds and testing, and it eventually evened out towards the end. But had I not induced, I'm fairly sure my DD would still be in there!
So no, I wouldn't hold your breath on early labor. :)



answers from Atlanta on

if you're ultrasound is putting you ahead be prepared for an early arrival, but if it just the size measuring ahead, then it might just be a slightly bigger baby than last time. I was always bigger in size than a "normal" baby for my due date, but my family just grows bigger babies. Mine were both 10 pounds delivered around 37 weeks.



answers from Atlanta on

I know with my second baby my body already knew what was going to happen and it happened sooner that with the first. I was only about 2 weeks pregnant and my boobs grew a size... That and craving big Mac's clued me in that I had another on the way. Your doc will let you know if your ahead of schedule on the inside, outside unfortunately doesnt really count as far as babies are concerned. Good luck!

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