Maytag a Good Brand?

Updated on April 12, 2012
A.S. asks from Glendora, CA
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I found an immaculate Maytag side-by-side fridge on Craigslist for 400 dollars and I am tempted to buy it but have never owned a Maytag anything before. I can't find any reviews for this specific model so I am going to have to base my decision off of a generic review of Maytag refrigerators. The Maytags online with comparable features are running right around 1,000-1,100 dollars so I feel that this is a good deal but I don't know. Any advice is appreciated. :)

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answers from San Diego on

We bought a new Maytag french door (bottom freezer) fridge in 2006. The electronical panel on the front of it died within about 2-3 years. Then motor died after 4 years (2010). We will never buy Maytag again.

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answers from Atlanta on

Disaster! They're terrible. All of our Maytags have broken and been repaired repeatedly. Any money we saved on the purchases was wasted on repairs.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

The Maytag name is not as reliable as it used to be. The company has been around over one hundred years, and it used to be extremely good. It was bought by Whirlpool a few years ago, so you'll really be buying a Whirlpool, although the Maytag name is still used. Our appliance man says Maytags are still OK, but not super. You may run into some difficulties.

Many of the brand names that were trusted by our parents and grandparents are still around, but the names are owned by different companies and the products are entirely different from what they were. So you're taking your chances (sigh).

If you can get the model number of the fridge, you may be able to look up reviews that way. It could be that the model isn't made any more, and that's why it's not popping up online.

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answers from Kansas City on

I love my french door Maytag refrigerator. It has the freezer in the bottom of course, but it's so much better made than the others we looked at as far as the drawers, etc. We've had ours for 5 years now and never a complaint at all.


answers from San Francisco on

Don't know about the refrigerators, but our last washer was a maytag which we bought used. It had a design flaw that caused the clutch to "explode" every 4-6 months.



answers from Oklahoma City on

In 1972 a semi hit our house. It put the washer inside the dryer and that went through the living room wall. So we got new appliances. It was also my dad's birthday....

The Maytag dryer my mom bought in 1972 went out on me last year in February. It had worked nearly the entire time. There was a couple of years my mom would not turn it on because she said she smelled gas and it would not light. Come to find out the air duct was clogged with a birds nest so it was using it's safety protocols to not light since there was not adequate air supply.

I brought it to my house, left the air dust hanging from the ceiling for my brother to remove and plugged it in and hooked the gas up to it. It has worked every day since until it went out last year.

1972 - 2011, pretty good if you ask me.



answers from Washington DC on

I think so. Our 30+ yr old Maytag washer died and it would be $500 to fix (or more) so we got a new one. We stuck with Maytag and got an HE washer from them and so far I'm pleased. My grandmother is still running a dryer that might be the partner to the washer we had. With any brand, there are better or worse models, but overall I'm happy with Maytag. In your case, I'd check out the fridge and get a feel for the history so you know if they're unloading it because it's a lemon or they're just moving or something.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We have a Maytag dryer right now--no's a few years old.
My in-laws are Maytag loyal.

How old is it? Hard to find a decent new fridge for that price, right?


answers from Dallas on

Right now... You couldn't pay me to purchase a new Maytag.

I have a washer/dryer set at least 15 old that work well .

When we upgraded a fridge we got top of the line Maytag and it died within 7 yrs.

I had a top of the line Maytag dishwasher that died within 5 yrs.

I have all Kitchen Aid top of the line now and I'm very happy. My washer/dryer set that works just fine will follow daughter to college and I will get new.

NOT MAYTAG... The name is not what it used to be.



answers from Los Angeles on

Don't know about new, or about refrigerators, but we have a Maytag washing machine that we bought in 1988. It's chugged along through three kids, and is still going strong. It's been repaired once, about 10 years ago, and I hope it lasts until I die. If it were to cost $500 to repair it again, I'd do it!



answers from Kansas City on

We have a maytag side by side fridge that we've never had a problem with, whereas I'm ready to throw the dishwasher out the window.

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