May You Please Provide the midwife/Dr. Info That Did Your Vba3c?

Updated on April 15, 2019
F.W. asks from Cranford, NJ
7 answers

Currently pregnant and can't seem to find a provider anywhere, currently live in New Jersey and willing to travel.

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answers from Toledo on

You could try calling the hospital where you plan to deliver. Ask the nurses which OB’s will do the VBAC’s. They’ll know!

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answers from Boston on

Instead of sending this question nationwide to hundreds of women who don't know your area, I suggest you do 2 things:

Reword the title making it much shorter to include the region. Something like "Seeking midwife/OB for VBAC - 1.5 hours around Cranford NJ" or whatever your parameters are.

Then, change the distribution by clicking the button to say it's relevant to your area.

Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Check your health insurance providers web site.
They will have a list of doctors that accepts your insurance.

Willing to travel?
Does that mean that when you are due or in labor that you are willing to travel a distance to be with a doctor who will allow you to try giving birth the usual way after prior c-section(s)?
The goal is to have as healthy a baby as possible.
If an emergency pops up the doctor should do what's needed for the best possible outcome and if that means a c-section then so be it.
A birth plan is a fine thing to have but sometimes it gets thrown out the window for good reasons.
I'm sure a Google search will find many providers in New Jersey or where ever you are.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Not sure I understand your abbreviations. Are you saying you want a vbac after 3 c-sections?

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answers from Chicago on

Sorry, I don't know your area, but I thought I'd suggest trying a local La Leche League chapter. The leaders might know providers in your area who would be appropriate for you.

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answers from Dallas on

I would google midwives in your area and start calling and see what they say. Or call the Dr's in your area and ask.


answers from Washington DC on


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