Mattress Size for Preschooler

Updated on November 27, 2011
D.K. asks from Bellevue, WA
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I am buying a big boy mattress for my 3 year old. What would be the best : an XL- twin or a regular full size? His room doesn't have space for queen mattress. I like the length of the XL-twin, which it seems could be useful when he grows tall. However, I am not sure about the width of the XL-twin. Does anyone have any opinion/experience on either?

Thanks much.

EDIT: Is the full as long as a queen, just shorter in width? My husband is 6 feet. so if my son is like my husband, he might outgrow the regular twin mattress before the mattress gets into a bad shape!

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answers from Chicago on

A twin will be just fine, by the time he is in need of the XL you will be buying him a Queen anyway, because when he goes to college his room will probably become the guest room and a Queen will be wonderful for that.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think buying something that is not able to have bedding purchased inexpensively at...say Walmart is not a good idea. An X-long bed would be hard to find bedding for I think so I would go with the full from the start.

The point in the back of my mind was that if you buy the bed, that includes the bed frame. I was thinking long term that way. He won't want cute linens or other stuff but still, if he is going to be tall enough for an X-long then he will want a wider bed too. Just my thoughts. The frame and a full size mattress set.

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answers from Medford on

Id buy the regular twin. They are easy to find sheets for. XL twin might not have all the cute sheet sets, if that matters. Also, you really shouldnt plan on keeping a mattress so long that he will grow out of it from age 3. It will last about 5-8 years if youre lucky and no one jumps on it, pees on it, dogs dont chew on it, cats dont claw at it, and Uncle Bubba who weighs 450 pounds comes to visit and breaks it. By the time he is a teen a good double bed might be perfect to buy.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would go with a regular twin bed, the mattress will need to be replaced by the time he gets to be a teen anyway.

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answers from Detroit on

get him a regular twin bed.. it will last him till the mattress wears out.. (mattresses only last 10- 15 years) then you can see if he needs something different. An extra long twin is the same width as a twin just longer.. it is normally for college dorms..for full grown kids that are sleeping in twin beds at college.. I had a twin bed grwoing up and that was plenty of room for me. sheets for xl twin are not easy to find.. and will not have cute designs.

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answers from Phoenix on

My 18 year old has a full size. My 16 year old has a regular twin, my 11 year old has an XL-twin and my 8 year old and 19 month old have regular twins. All of them are suitable. No preference. I think whichever way you go will be fine.

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answers from Dallas on

Get the twin regular. They are cheap and most kids' furniture is made for a regular twin. Cheaper sheets too. A full size takes up too much room that could be used for playing!



answers from Denver on

Either will work fine. I ended up getting my daughter a full... she was terrible sleeper and now I do lie with her at night to read books, and go to sleep (then I get up). Glad I got the bigger one : )



answers from Dallas on

A twin size should be fine. My daughter (age 4) has had a twin for a year. Even with the head and foot boards, my husband (5'9") can lay down on it comfortably.

I guess if you have extremely tall people in your family and don't think you will replace it before he's in HS, then go for the XL.



answers from Dallas on

Do you really plan on keeping this same mattress for over 10-15 years? If not, then a regular twin will work just fine (even if it lasts 10 years!).

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