Mattress for Crib-where to Get One at a Reasonable Price

Updated on October 01, 2008
A.J. asks from Arlington, TX
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I am getting my daughter's room together. We have the crib and will be getting that put together real soon. Need to get a mattress/box spring and wanted to know where others have shopped in Arlington or online.

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So What Happened?

I did get a great deal on a Sealy mattress at Target. It was much better in price than Babies R Us. Thanks again for all the advice.

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I know you want a good deal, but I have purchased a cheaper mattress at babiesrus for our inlaws house. So are daughter did not use it very often maybe 30 times the whole year. Once she got to be over 20 pounds the mattress was no good. It just felt so soft. I took her one we had at home out there and bought her an organic crib mattress (love it!!). Then when she was started potty training I bought her a toddler crib mattress (more firm than a baby). Make sure you do your research and buy a quality mattress you don't want to have to buy another later. Plus if you get a good one you can use it for the next child :).



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I bought both of my boys crib mattresses at wal-mart for under $100 and they were good sealy brand.



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When I took a baby class they said to get a mattress with at least 100 coils to cut down on SIDS. I ended up buying a Sealy mattress at Babies 'R Us but saw they also carried at Target and Walmart.



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All you will need is a crib mattress and no box spring. When I was pregnant with my son we bought one a Baby's R Us for @ $30. I know Wal Mart and Target both carry them. Try to get a pretty good mattress since you will be using it for several years - even more if you use a toddler bed.

Congrats on the baby !

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