Mattress and Lower Back Pain

Updated on October 26, 2011
J.V. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hubby and I purchased a very expensive mattress when we got married over 10 years. It turned out it was an over priced piece of ****. In any case, last month, I couldn't take it anymore, so I went and bought a new mattress.

I've been sleeping on it 1.5 weeks, and my lower back still hurts. Not as much, but it hurts. I did pinch a nerve in my neck while on vacation at the start of the month, so it may be just part of that, but I have no desire to have to live with yet another mattress that causes me pain.

So, I need suggestions on good mattresses for lower back pain? I am not overweight or anything, I'm in reasonably good shape, (two vaginal births)... and I don't have back problems.... This leads me to believe it is the bed.

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answers from Chicago on

I think the Tempupedic is the best mattress for all types of back pain. We tried the Sleep Number bed (the one with the air mattresses in it), but we didn't like it even though many people swear by it.

I have had low back issues for years and have mastered sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees. I even have the presence of mind in my sleep to keep it there when I turn over to sleep on my other side. If I ever get through the night without the pillow between my knees, my back hurts like hell the next day--guaranteed! You can by a "pillow" designed for using between your knees, but I didn't like it. My husband and I call my sleep set up "the pillow fort". I have a contoured one for my neck with a squishy down one on top, a medium thickness pillow between my knees, a fluffy one that I hug, and sometimes I put one on the bed behind me against my back. Sounds like a bit much, but if I could sleep in a tight cocoon I would be very happy. I must of loved being in the womb!

Good luck to you. I know how much back and neck pain can suck the joy of life right out of you.

p.s. I have had wonderful success with good chiropractors over the years. (I've also pissed away a lot of money in the process of finding those good ones). Such a pain in the . . . well, neck!!!

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After the birth of my son we got a new bed, but I still had to go to the chiro/physical therapy to end the back pain.. I now have it back because I had baby #2 and the spinal I was given and the pregnancy overall made it bad again..



answers from Chicago on

Buy a 2 1/2 inch foam topper. We got ours at Sam's Club. It made a world of difference on our old mattress.



answers from Lexington on

I can relate! A mattress alone will not do the trick for me. I go to chiropractic and get either Physical Therapy or Massage Therapy as well. My spine is arthritic (other parts too) and I take supplements to help with the inflammation (under the care of a doctor). When things get extra bad, I take an anti-inflammatory to help get me back on track (under the care of my rheumatologist).

The type of mattress I have is a Tempurpedic, and I love it. But there are also the Air type that I have tried in the store and it felt wonderful. That one had baffling in it and was adjustable. Our mattress is old and we do need a new one. My problem now is finances, and these really great mattresses cost more than we can now afford... Saving up the money, because the mattress is so important.

Even with that, sometimes I must sleep with a special type of pillow between my knees when I am on my side to keep my legs and hips in alignment.

Oh... then there is the matter of the pillow. . . .


answers from Chicago on

It might not be the bed at all (although it's certainly a possibility), but if you're still having pain, you might consider a chiropractor.

I see you're in Chicago, as am I, so if you'd like a referral, PM me. My guy is downtown on Orleans. He is a magician, I swear. And he can not only help with the pain, but also help you address what might be causing it, so you can make adjustments (and not have to keep coming back to see him). ie: do you always carry your purse on one shoulder? Kids on one hip? etc...



answers from Minneapolis on

We got the best bed ever! It is called Sleep Air...we got it at Schneidermans. I think this combines a traditional mattress with Tempurpedic. My husband would wake up achy so we tried this. We bought a waterproof matress protector so we were able to sign up on a program where we could return it after 30 days if we didn't like it. No need to return. Our neighbors ended up with teh same mattress and love it as well.

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