Matted Teddy Bear Fix

Updated on May 11, 2010
S.L. asks from Rochester, NY
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I washed a dirty teddy bear in the washer and it is now all matted. Is there a way to get the matts out so that it can be fluffy again? Or is it a loss cause?

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answers from Lafayette on

When I used to rehab dolls for Toys for Tots, we would use spray starch to soften the dolls hair and comb out the matted areas. It takes a lot of time and patience, but at the end, the dolls looked new. I would try the previous hint first and if that doesn't work try the starch.

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answers from New York on

I would try using a hair comb and smooth it with a damp washcloth if it looks frizzy.

I have successfully washed my son's favorite stuffed toy in a lingerie bag (regular detergent, stain remover, no fabric softener). I dried it in the bag on low heat. The fur looked about the same as before but cleaner.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Put it in a pillow case and wash it again on gentle. That might help, or it might not. You're not out anything if it doesn't work. And when you dry it, keep it in the pillow case. If it's the only thing you dry, try to throw a clean tennis ball in with it.



answers from Dallas on

It sounds like you used fabric softener. Fabric softener will mat any fur.

Rewash the bear in a warm water cycle. Add vinegar (to the max line) to the wash like you would fabric softener. Have your washer rinse twice.

Try combing while wet. Dry on low in the dryer. Brush after dry.

Good luck! :)



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from Jamestown on

Fluff it with a hair comb.

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