Matron of Honor and Nursing!

Updated on May 19, 2008
K.K. asks from Wauconda, IL
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Hello moms! You have been so helpful, so here's another one for ya! I am the matron of honor for my sister. I just went and looked for a dress, it just has to be black. I went to JcPenney, Carsons, Macy, and the black and white store. I could not find a thing. First of all I need a size 14 to accommodate my HUGE boobs,the rest of my body is currently a 12. (I am kind of looking forward to ending the breast feeding thing b/c of this!) I was wondering if any of you have a pride and true store that you can always find something! I was so disappointed in the black and white store, I thought for sure I'd find something! Also, online shopping does not entice me b/c I really need to try it on!


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I'm assuming you are the only gal standing up in the wedding so you don't have to coordinate with someone else? My daughter just got married last fall and we had great luck with David's bridal in Schaumburg. You can go on their website and see all of the great pieces. They have a great line of seperates where you can choose the top and bottom in different sizes. They have a nice V neck top that all of my daughter's bridesmaids looked great in! check them out and they are pretty reasonable too. just don't go on a Saturday to try things on.. go during the week if you can! good luck!



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Thank you for your post! I just posted the EXACT same issue. I am not the matron of honor but I am attending a wedding this weekend and am having the same issue. I hate shopping right now so if you hear of anything let me know and I will do that same for you. It's nice to know that someone else knows how I feel.

We will get our bodies back some day!




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Well, Sears always worked for dresses for me and sometimes Carsons. Have you tried Huntley Outlet mall, they have a lot more stores out there now! have you ever been to the store, The Avenue? I think that's it. Go on line and look. When I was pregnant I got an outfit there(I think that's the name, my mind is drawing a blank!) Good luck!




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Hi K.,
I don't have a tried and true place to go for sure. But I will give you a note on a place to surely avoid. Jack's in Waukegan. I would not recommend it. I have sadly worked with them twice, both not without many headaches. I promised the owner/manager I would never give her good

On a more positive note.... I am not sure what they have year round, but try the Prime outlet mall (I think that is what it is called) in Pleasant Prairie WI.. There is a Liz Claiborn (sp?) and next to that a Jones of New York. I went there looking for a nice black suit once and saw some cute little black dresses.
I stood up for my a sister and a friend, each after having a baby. I had my dresses altered with zippers on the side to accomodate easy nursing. I bought big for the busts and had to take it in below.
Good luck

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