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Updated on May 15, 2014
C.G. asks from Aubrey, TX
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My daughter is in 3rd grade and struggled with Math the majority of the year. Even though towards the end she made great improvements, I want her to get some tutoring this summer. Has anyone used Mathnasium in Frisco and if so can you please tell me the pros and cons.

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answers from Washington DC on

Don't know the Frisco location but our daughter has gone to our local Mathnasium (D.C. area) every summer for the past five summers and will go again this year.

They are not like Kumon, which (I understand) does multiple subjects. Mathnasium does only do one subject so they are much more focused, and unlike with Kumon, your child will not bring home any worksheets or "homework" to do between sessions; all the work is done at the tutoring center, not at home (they do consider their assessment tests and worksheets to be proprietary, so if that's an issue for you and you really want all that brought home so you can check it -- look elsewhere). The no-homework deal works well for our child in the summer -- she knows she won't have worksheets hanging over her head all the time. The director of course will sit down with us and show us her specific worksheets any time we ask.

The hours (here at least) also are very flexible; they ask you to list the times you expect to bring in your child each week, but if you need to switch times or just turn up at a different time because your kid's in a different summer camp this week, or you have a family trip next week -- our center is totally fine with that. Do check, though, to see if the Frisco center is as flexible; it may or may not be.

Your child does not get one person who sits there next to her every second. She comes in, gets her personal binder and goes to a table and then a tutor comes over to her and uses the binder to see where she is that week; the tutor works with her on new concepts then lets her work on her own for a while on problems while the tutor moves on to check on other kids who are there. The tutor comes back around to check on your child's work, correct and explain, etc.

If your child would work better with the same person every single time, you might look instead at one on one tutoring in your home. It just depends on how your child learns best! Sometimes, if you change up the days you're coming on different weeks, your child will get different tutors at Mathnasium (though if your child comes at the same general times each week you're likely to get the same couple of folks all summer long). But I don't see the point in paying for a tutor to sit there while my child does problems -- I'm fine with the tutors circulating to work with each kid. They always come back to my kid when she's done with her problems, or if she hits a snag and has a question.

If your child would be distracted by being in a room with other kids present, then it's also not for her; however, I have noticed that the room at our center is always quiet and the kids are there to work, not talk or mess around. The tutors and director at our center are friendly and joke and talk with the kids some, but definitely would not tolerate a goof-off atmosphere.

The tutors are college kids including graduate students and that seems to work fine. If you would prefer a professional adult like a retired teacher or a teacher doing summer work as tutor, that's fine too. The director of our center is a former engineer and he also tutors kids personally.

I would suggest that you make an appointment to talk to the center director in person and ask how their approach works, why they don't send home worksheets, how they assess and track kids' work, etc. Mathnasium has worked well for our child and our summer schedule. My one wish is that they had early morning hours but they just don't - they are open here from about 11 until 7, but we work with that. I can see how for some kids this model just wouldn't work as well as an individual tutor, but for our child it works.

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answers from Dallas on

No experience with Mathnasium, but I know this person does private tutoring in the area. She is a neighbor of a relative, so I haven't used her personally but I have met her several times. She is great with kids and other parents speak highly of her work.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Why don't you talk to her school guidance counselor and find a teacher from her school or another local school to tutor her.

We are in Plano district and they look down on the shopping center tutoring locations because there are certain ways they teach the material and a lot of children who go the route of a place of business type tutoring, end up confused because it is not taught like the teachers teach at school. I am no saying they can't help at all but there is a potential for them to do more harm than good if a children really needs help with certain concepts, etc.

MANY teachers tutor on the side as well as teachers who are on maternity leave and teachers taking time to stay home with young children for a year or so. The going rate is about $50 an hour and can be very good for one on one, especially if you have a relationship with the teacher that is positive.

Another option... Plano also offers a short summer program which starts the week after school is out from 8-noon at a local elementary schools where children are in smaller classes to focus on math, language arts, reading and they also have fun things like drama, arts, etc. You might check and see if your district offers something like this.

There is also the option of finding a GOOD student in high school or home from college to tutor as well and probably would not coast as much as the certified teachers.

Best wishes to you. When our daughter went through elementary, we used private tutors as a proactive measure. I do believe they helped strengthen her and I know her writing skills would not be where they are now if she had not had a tutor. She graduated last June with honors and she just completed her first year of college with a 4.0. To me, every penny we spent was well worth it.

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answers from Las Vegas on

apart from Mathnasium, for which I know nothing about.. I have used Khanacademy (online) it's so great.. they various levels of Math and with each section, specific tutorials that you can watch.. this ALL for free..
it's a great site if you haven't tried it already... it's especially good in conjunction with tutoring or just a regular Math class.

good look

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