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Updated on October 28, 2013
S.P. asks from Mont Clare, PA
8 answers

Know any good math websites for kids preferablye one I can print free worksheets from?

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Why not just go to a bookstore and get some workbooks?

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Funny this question has a mathxl website ad at the bottom they have a worksheets..i digress. Everyday Math has a website My daughters teacher recommended the Another good place for math resources in my town is the goodwill. I have gotten so many good completely unused workbooks from there for little to nothing. Also try your library you will have to copy instead of print them, but the library usually has a large selection. Oh and has very good worksheets.

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answers from Detroit on (some are free, some you need to subscribe for)

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What age?

If it's elementary school, my child loves His teacher recommended it. It doesn't have worksheets though. It has games that your child wins by solving math problems quickly.

It's great because he thinks he is playing computer games, but he's learning too.

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My son likes . It was one of the sites recommended by the school he attends. He seems to like it.



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Khan academy is really good at explaining concepts. I don't think you can print worksheets from it however keep this website in mind for when your child gets older.



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My fourth grader likes Cool Math. They have a few different sites, one is already listed. The one she likes is: There's a parent link as well, but I didn't see any printables. She asks to go to the site and work on the math games.

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