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Updated on May 15, 2006
R. asks from Burnsville, MN
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Hi, I'm looking for a math teacher who can come to my home to teach basic fundamentals of math concepts to my KG son. I like my son to be strong enough in math concepts and looking for a good teacher who are interested. We live in Cliff rd (Eagan, Burnsville area). The tution class can be once or twice a week. For more details, please contact me.

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I have an elementary education degree and taught kindergarten for a year. I would be interested in doing it. When are you looking for; day hours,evening hours? Im a part-time stay-at-home mom and part-time tutor at Huntington Learning Center. If you want more information let me know. B.



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My name is J. R.. I am a academic tutor and have work tutoring students in reading, math and writing for over 8 years. I have worked for both Groves Academy as a Regular and Special Education Kindergarten Teacher and K-6th grade Academic Tutor. I currently work for Children's Hospital in Mineapolis as an academic therapist. Due to my case load at this time I am unable to do off-site (in clients homes) tutoring but have openings in my private practice (located at my house in Bloomington). If you would like more information you can email me at [email protected] or contact me by phone at ###-###-####.




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I have an 8th grade boy, aged 13, who is a whiz at math. He taught himself to multiply when he was in kindergarten. We live in Rosemount. Maybe this would be a good fit? Tutoring by a slightly older child could be "fun" or "play time" instead of serious learning, and help to build my son's self esteem as well.

I helped my child get his basic understanding of math in several ways. One I call "Cookie Math". We would sit at the table and be having a snack, and I would say, "If I have two cookies and you have two cookies how many total cookies do we have?" He would count both piles...One two three four.... Four Cookies!. I would say, "So two plus two is what?" ....We would slide the cookies or ritz crackers or whatever we were using back and forth...If he gave me one of his two cookies, how many do I have now? He would count...One two three...So two plus one is what? Three. I slide two of my three back to him, so three minus two is what? It was fun, like playing a game.

I taught him to play cribbage and yahtzee, which he accomplished by counting the dots on the card or on the dice. He could add numbers in his head before he could recognize the numerals on the cards. He beat me at cribbage almost immediately.

I also got him a solar calculator so he could play with the "+" and "-" buttons and see the answers. That's when he figured out what the "x" button means. He claimed it meant "sets of". I told him, no, it means multiply. He told me I was wrong, "See, three "sets of" three (he used the calculator to multiply) equals nine." This was when he was in kindergarten.

We live in Rosemount, and I know my son would be a lot cheaper than an adult math teacher tutor.

Let me know what you think, I know it's a crazy idea but it might be good for both your son and mine.

C. Witso



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Hi. My name is S. and I have a friend whose husband is a math tutor. We have used him for tutoring our son in math and he is wonderful. His name is Eric and his email address is
[email protected]
Please email him and feel free to tell him I gave his name to you. He really is good! Good luck

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