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Updated on May 10, 2011
D.G. asks from Lincoln, NE
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My 6th grader has always struggled with Math. She has a D now almost an F. They want to put her in PreAlgebra next year which I question when she is not "getting" math this year. Tonight her teacher emailed grades so far and it includes a 0 for not turning in an assignment on time that my daughter had to make up for being sick on Thursday (sent home Friday turned in today) and also a lower grade for an assignment turned in late from the 5 - the day she was sent home for throwing up in the hallway well before Math so she couldn't turn it in. I have talked to the counselor and the teacher and they say the policy is to "push children rather than not give them the opportunity". But I am afraid they are setting her up to literally fail. What would you do? Prealgebra or 7th grade math?

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answers from Rapid City on

I bought a computer game for Algebra that my son loved to play. He learned a lot by it and by the time he was in Algebra he was tutoring the kids in his class after he finished his work. Algebra is one of those things that you don't get until you get it then you do well with it. I would see if there is something like the computer game or tutoring that you can do over summer and then decide which to put her in.

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answers from Minneapolis on much pressure on these kids now days-unreal-well if shes already struggling-why put her in algebra? 51 and dont get it..get her a math tutor for the summer-then put her in 7th grade math..push the kids right into low self esteem which leads to depression,suicide,obesety,the list is endless...let her be a kid-glad my kids are grown and didnt have it so rough..good luck-do whats right for your daughter-not what makes the school system look good.

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answers from Appleton on

As a teacher of math in WI, I say don't push. Some students don't respond to being pushed except to push harder in the other direction. Talk to your daughter and see why she thinks her grade is low. Does she think she could handle the higher level class? Is she willing to put forth more effort? Or, is she already doing the best she can? (Though I don't agree with taking points off for late work due to illness) There is nothing wrong with 7th grade math as a 7th grader. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

i have a mathmaniac and a mathphobe. My math maniac took Algebra and Geometry 8th grade. She was so ready.
I homeschool the mathphobe. She just finished the preAlgebra book, she is in 7th. It took us two years and many weeks on some concepts. I went slow and steady and made sure she knew it. Schools will not do that for your daughter. If my 7th grader was in school she would have taken 7th grade math. And before I took her out they wanted her in the accellerated program too. It's just not for everyone.
She;ll be fine in 7th grade math. And if she finds it easy this year and gets good grades then her confidence will be boosted for the PreAlgebra the next year.



answers from Sacramento on

Is 7th grade math not "Pre-Algebra" in Nebraska? I've been a middle school math teacher for seven years (although in CA, 7th grade math is Pre-Algebra). Anyway, if she is struggling or lacking confidence, I'd say give her a year to develop a really love of math. There's no good reason to push her beyond the regular grade-level course.

Good luck to your little girl.




answers from Tulsa on

My M. let me pick. I picked preAlgebra and I struggled through all the college math courses I was required to take. I wanted to be with my friends who all ended up with different schedules. 7th grade math is what I would put her in.



answers from Eugene on

7th grade math. Why push her? Even if she's planning to take calculus in high school she doesn't need to be in pre-algebra til 8th grade. I think it's more important for her to master the fundamentals before moving on to Algebra.


answers from Honolulu on

I was horrible at elementary math but was placed in pre-algebra as well and excelled. The more complex math -I was surprised to discover- was far easier to understand than long division and fractions for me. Maybe talk to your daughter and try a week of beginners pre-algebra at home over the summer? Test it out, good luck momma!

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