Math Camps?

Updated on February 29, 2008
L.T. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My daughter is struggling a bit in math. I am wondering if anyone has seen or tried the math camps around town--I don't want anything too intense; it is her summer after all ;)

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So What Happened?

Thanks! She is in 4th grade and this has been a very fast paced year--factors, simplifying fractions,etc.
I will look into the game and see what else we can do now.
UPDATE: Again thanks so much! Her teacher also recommended KUMON. I am also going to look into the others.SMU's program looks awesome!
Thanks for your help and your kind words :)

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SMU at the Plano Legacy campus has great math camps as well as other camps.

The brochure for summer 08 is currently on line and registration starts on March 3rd I believe.

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Hello L.,

I wouldn't wait until summer to get her some help. can she get any tutoring at school? I do know that some teachers offer tutoring during the summer. You didn't mention which grade she's in. there is this game called smath and it's great for reinforcing the basics.

here is the amazon link:

good luck =)

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I highly reccomend KUMON. I have had my kids in KUMON for 4 years. They are excelling in math. They don't like it but I told them they have to do it until they reach Calculas.
They have homework everyday that should only lsat 10-15 minutes.
But, if they don't do it and let it pile up it will take longer.

They will test your child to determine their level. Then they will start them off on an easier level so that it won't be a struggle and their self confidence will be good.

I started my kids off during the summer so they wouldn't lose so they wouldn't have to struggle when school started. They are known as the math whizes in their classes.

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I don't know about math camps, but you should try Sylvan Learning Centers or Kumon where they specialize in tutoring or teaching a new math and reading technique starting at the student's level and proceed at their pace of comprehension. If you don't want to shell out the money, you can try to contact her school and see if there are any students that would be willing to tutor her in your home.
Hope that helped in anyway at all...

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Hi L.,
There is a place in Colleyville which does wonderful work!
Look into Texas Tutors- on Colleyville Blvd. The owner's name is Geoff Steer. He is always happy to answer questions.

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You sound like a caring, and concerned Mom! Blessings!
It is the greatest role for a woman to love her family!
It is a good witness to the world to show love!
wwwcreativeartsinaction. is a private school resource center for help in many areas. Saxon math is great for elementary school children. You did not give the age of your child.
Math blaster is a fun math computer game. There are many fun math computer games.
Blessings to you!
C. Nelson

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How old is your daughter? maybe your daughter can use a little maths tutorial. Depends on what you can afford. You can go to Member's Perk and get detail or # to call me (D.'s Tutoring Service) My husband has been tutorial kids that need help for the past 20 years. Mathemtices made easy. We are also starting the on-line home maths tutoring very soon. Tune in.

A liitle about us, we have four boys and two girls, the youngest is 16 years hoping to go to college this fall semester, two out of college, one graduating June, 2008, Ohio state University and another servicing in US army in Germany.

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