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Updated on November 17, 2009
K.L. asks from Hayward, CA
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Hi! I am on my 8th month of pregnancy! Its my first and having a bit of back pain already.

Just wanted to ask if you would have any recommendation on a good pregnancy belt. I already tried the Medela support band from Babies R Us and the Large is too big for me and the S/M is too small. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Hartford on

Someone just recently posted a similar question; however, I believe she was having a lot of pressure in her abdomen. I also had back pain during my pregnancy and found a lot of relief with Motherhood's Maternity Support Belt. I only ended up using the belt portion, but found that it seemed plusher and larger than other belts. When I had it adjusted properly for my body, it helped my back tremendously. I also carried a pillow around everywhere with me and placed it in the middle of my back every time I sat down - now that was a life saver. Good luck in your search.



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As a physical therapist I have only had luck with the Materinity SI-LOC brace and the Mother-to-be brace. These can be found at Good luck! C.

C. B Palmer



answers from Sacramento on

Hi K.!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can both sympathize & empathize with your lower back pain. There's one particular product that I really like & recommend to my pregnant clients called "BellaBand". It's fabulous to use during pregnancy for aches & pains. You can also use it postpartum while your body adjusts back to pre-pregnancy status.

I found a site that has them on sale but I think you can also get them now at Target.

Good luck! Also, if you're in the Sacramento area I just happen to be a certified Perinatal Massage Therapist since '97 :)




answers from San Francisco on

bought a good one from a medical supply store

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