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Updated on January 24, 2011
P.B. asks from Franklin, MA
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I was hoping to get maternity photos taken, but after doing some research, I couldn't believe how expensive the packages were! Most won't even give you the digital images without spending hundreds more for that! Does anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive but decent photographer?

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answers from Boston on

I don't know how expensive something like that would be, but my daughter has booked her for her wedding and she's very reasonable. Her package included all digital photos. The engagement photos are beautiful. She does great work.

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answers from Houston on

Go to a portrait studio, not as fancy as a photographer but more affordable and I cherish my studio pictures. Always get a coupon online first.



answers from Chicago on

I take my son to Picture people and they have always done a good job. They are reasonable and you only buy the pictures you want.



answers from Boston on

Not sure if it's still the case since it has been bought out, but Kiddie Kandids and BabiesRUs used to give you a single maternity portrait FREE if you registered at BabiesRUs.



answers from Boston on

Picture people are awesome. No sitting fees and you only buy what you want. Go online to get coupons. I have my sons pictures done every couple of months and am always happy with them. In fact, my son models and I use his picture people photos for his agency shots.



answers from San Francisco on

JCPenny Portrait studios. You can look online at some of their maternity pictures/poses



answers from Hartford on

Like other Moms suggested, you should try "Babies R Us" or Target .... my sister had her's done at Babies R us and they were fabulous pics .... no need to pay so much for them .... Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Hi! You can check for a photography school near you:) there are often people looking for models so that they can fill in their portfolio. There will probably be someone who is interested in doing them for free or low-cost in exchange for permission to have them in their portfolio, or for a class project.

Another option is to simply have a friend take them. Have them take 3-10 times as many pictures as you want to end up with though so that ypi can be sure to get some good ones:)

Hope this is helpful:)



answers from Boston on

I have my daughters pics done at Target. I like the people, and the pics, and I get more pics for $7.99 than I would get for $50.00 if I got them through the school.



answers from Providence on

May sound crazy, but I had excellent maternity pictures taken at the Target portrait studio. The regular $4/sheet with no sitting fee. Just get a coupon of the internet. The trick to places like that is to go during the week, during the day and they'll generally give you extra time. When you look at the pics if you don't like them, they'll usually take more. As long as no ones waiting. That's why I usually go during the week, during the day. Good luck and congrats!

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