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Updated on September 05, 2008
D.T. asks from Kansas City, MO
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I am 8 months pregnant and still working fulltime (37.50 hours per week). The company I work for was bought out in April of this year, I have been with the company for over 7 years. I have told the new owners that I would be taking off 12 weeks when I have the baby and I have requested a meeting with them over a month ago to discuss my maternity leave. One of the owners told me yesterday that they have another girl in mind from their Kansas office to come and take over my position while I am gone and may be here after I return. We are a small company (10 emplyees max) what kind of benefits do they have to give me for my maternity leave if any. I think they should let me take all of my sick and vacation time when I first leave (about 4-5 weeks worth) but I don't know if they will do that. Any help would be very appreciated.

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I work for a company that doesn't fall under FMLA and did what you did- came up with a plan and had a meeting with them about it. Good job on being proactive.

Depending on what you do for a living (and if you are worried your job might not be waiting for you when you return), you might be able to ask to bring home a computer with you so that you can answer any urgent emails, etc. That is what I did - although you are exhausted as a new mom, you have some free time on your hands while the baby is sleeping and so you can tend to some work related matters. However if you do that, I'd work out some deal about getting 1/2 day vacation back, etc.

Good luck.



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Even though your company is a small company, the company that bought you might be a big company with lots of little branches so they might still fall under FMLA. Just because they have someone there to cover for you does not mean that they are replacing you. Perhaps they are anticipating some growth and think that they might need both of you once you return. You should be able to take all of your yarned vacation/sick time without any problem. The rest you will have to work out with you supervisors. Don't back down on what you want. Even though you have been there for 7 years, you are talking about a whole new perspective with new owners so if they are not willing to work with you and value you as an employee, then you might want to look for another job anyway.



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Unfortunately since you work for a small company, you do not fall under FMLA. If they choose to hire someone else, they can do so. But I would think that they would keep an employee who has been there for 7 years and let you take maternity leave and give you the opportunity to keep your job. It's tough when you work for a small company and being pregnant. Ask to talk to them again and see what they say. If they agree to allow you keep your job, get something in writing. Hang in there.



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I just wanted to add that they employer may just being trying to cover themselves. They may be worried that you will decide to stay home and not return from your leave. (I worked at a small college and of the 4 people who had babies in one year - I was the ONLY one who returned to work- although all of them indicated they were coming back- one resigned the day before her leave ended.)

I think if you can do everything w/in your power to assure them that you will be coming back- they may be more willing to work with you.

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