Maternity Leave - Fullerton,CA

Updated on January 26, 2010
J.F. asks from Atlanta, GA
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what forms do i need to fill out by the human resources department before i go on maternity leave?

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So What Happened?

we don't have a human resources department and the payroll person doesn't really know what forms that need to be fill out

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First of all how big is the company? How many employees estimated that makes a difference on if they have to follow FMLA procedures. If you want to send me an e-mail i will be happy to discuss with you, as i handle all the FMLA stuff at my work so i am very familiar with it, not too mention i will be using it again shorlty myself.

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answers from Los Angeles on

It depends on your company. Mine had nor formal documents, so I wrote up my own letter explaining when I would be back, how I was using vacation time, that I expected my medical benefits to continue to be paid while I was gone. I also noted for them that I would give them my child's information to add to insurance once each of them were born and reminded them when I returned I would need a private place to pump as I would be breastfeeding.

You'll have disability forms to fill out as well, but those you get from your doctor or the website. Once you fill those out, they go back to your doctor, not your HR folks.

Good's a pain navigating your way through it, but thank God for the internet!!!




answers from Los Angeles on

Also check with your dr's office....mine was extremely helpful in getting different paperwork filed for me after I completed it. Double check what your company benefits are, did they give you a book when you were hired. I'm not sure what the disability laws are in Georgia. Congratulations on your upcoming baby!



answers from Los Angeles on

check your employee policy manuel. I presented my employeer with a doctors note and that was it. For Disibility insurance you fill that out with the doctor.



answers from Washington DC on

Ask your boss or payroll if your company follows FMLA.

What I did was I wrote up a chart that my boss signed and sent to payroll. It described week-by-week when I was taking leave, and what type of leave (personal, sick, annual vacation). It also documented when I was coming back part time, and full time.

Also, you usually have 30 days to add your newborn(s) to insurance, flexible spending accounts, etc.

Good Luck



answers from Honolulu on

It is the responsibility of HR to tell you what needs to be filled out.
It is up to you, to tell them when you plan to take leave.

I would tell them ahead of time... as paperwork etc., can take time, depending on the speed of the worker processing it or the company.
Give them a lead time.

You can also research the FMLA laws... so you are aware of maternity leave and pay. FMLA is the 'family medical leave act.'

All the best,

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