Maternity Clothes with Second Pregnancy

Updated on October 28, 2010
M.G. asks from Joliet, IL
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I'm just curious, how soon into your second or third pregnancy did you have to start wearing maternity pants? I'm only four weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy, and I already can't wear one pair of pants. It's only a matter of a week or two before I can't wear the others. I did have twins the first time, so I was definitely bigger with my first pregnancy than most. I'd just like to know how soon you had to switch over.

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So What Happened?

Thanks girls! I feel so much better. I thought I was being silly, but now at five weeks I have started wearing maternity pants and I am so much more comfortable now!

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answers from Columbus on

I did about 2 months into my 3rd pregnancy. I am carrying super low so I think that is why I had to do the switch. It was just sooo much more comfortable than trying to squeez into my reg clothes. Baby # 2 tho, I didn't really need to until about month 5. So, each pregnancy is different. Baby # 1 I think I did at 4 months and I think I only did that b/c I was excited to be pregnant, hahaha.

Good luck and congrats!

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answers from Chicago on

I definitely had to wear my maternity pants sooner with my 2nd pregnancy. I started wearing them around 3 1/2 months. My waste got thicker much faster than with my 1st.

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answers from Chicago on

I switched at about 14 weeks with my 2nd...I am currently prego with #3 and think it will be around the same time with #3. It was 5 months with me for #1. All singletons. BUT people recommended to me that I buy a pair or two of pants and a skirt 2 sizes bigger than my normal size with my second because HONESTLY you stretch your maternity stuff out the first time and then they don't stay up at the beginning when you need them the next time around. I found that VERY helpful- just bought some inexpensive dress pants and a skirt for work. It also helped when I had to go back to work and my tummy was still puffy after giving birth :) Didn't have to wear maternity clothes but not in my skinny dress clothes yet with no give!

I recommend buying the few pairs of 2 sizes bigger pants and a few Bella Bands and wearing a twisty around your buttons and buttonholes and covering with the Bella Bands- they are a life saver!

I will tell you back in the late 70s and early 80s when my mom had me and my sister, for her second pregnancy, she was in maternity clothes by the 2nd month :) Of course back then clothes had ZERO give (no lycra, no stretch- ha!).

Best of luck!



answers from Chicago on

By my 4th month I was in maternity! Congrats.



answers from Spartanburg on

I wore maternity A LOT sooner with my second pregnancy. Probably within the second month, I was in elastic waisted pants vs. 6-7 months with my 1st. Also, and this was frustratingly costly, I grew out of my maternity clothes from my 1st pregnancy by 7 months with my second! Did that make sense? I didn't gain any more wieght or wiegh more by then end with my 2nd, but the clothes I wore at the end of my first pregnancy I outgrew early in my 2nd. LOL :) Happy shopping


answers from Chicago on

I was wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks with my second pregnancy and probably six weeks with my 3rd. It was crazy because with my first, I didn't even start showing until I was 6 months pregnant. I didn't lose much weight in between pregnancies so I think that made it much easier for my belly to just start sticking out. If you don't want to go full on maternity wear yet, or if your maternity pants are too loose right now, you can buy those Bella bands to wear with your regular pants (you just unbutton the pants and slide the band right over the waist and they stay in place).


answers from Rochester on

I was wearing them by six or seven weeks with my third, I think by eight weeks with my second. I gave everything away so for my third child I did buy a belly band and used that some to help wear my slacks longer when I just couldn't button them. I started buying some shirts for work that were one size larger since maternity ones look ridiculous before you have a belly and I figure I'll be a size larger on top when I'm nursing anyway. Some of it is just bloating and other changes from hormones, I know some days I simply look bigger than others. =)



answers from Chicago on

I didn't have to wear maternity pants until almost 6 months with my first and I think I made it to 6 WEEKS with my second! It was kind of annoying, but I think it's because your body says "HEY! I know what I'm supposed to do here!" and just lets go. I gained almost the same amount of weight with both pregnancies, too.

Good luck to you with this pregnancy!



answers from Mansfield on

Seems I'm in the same boat as everyone else here! I'm 13 weeks along with our second child and have been wearing some maternity pants for about 2-3 weeks! I can still wear a pair or two of my regular jeans using the super high tech rubber band method! (lol) This time around I just seem to be more sensitive around my tummy. And my OB said that since our body has already been accustomed to stretching for our little ones it would probably happen sooner! (As would stretching pains!)
Congratulations and good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I gained 40lbs with my first, but did not have to wear maternity clothes until well into the 2nd trimester. I gained 40 lbs with my twins, but did go into maternity clothes right away. I gained 13 lbs with my last and again was right away into maternity clothes. All the babies were good size (8.4, and 8.14) So I think it is totally normal to go into maternity clothes sooner with subsequent pregnancies.
Good luck with your new bundle!



answers from Buffalo on

with each pregnancy it was sooner. I had to switch over with in the 1st 2 month with my last one



answers from Chicago on

the day after I found out



answers from Chicago on

OMG, I think I was needing maternity pants by week 6 with my 3rd..possibly even earlier. It sucked. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

i found out i was pregnant and now at 4 months i look like i did when i delivered my times



answers from New York on

It's up to you when you switch. My philosophy is to be comfortable! Remember that unless you have really been working out, the muscles in your abdomen are stretched out and looser than they were with your first pregnancy, so you will feel bigger sooner. You may not have lost all the extra weight from your first time. I was not very good at working out and eating properly, myself. Also, I agree with the possibility of bloating. I've been told that drinking water with lemon juice helps that, although it may just be drinking more water that helps! Congratulations!



answers from Rockford on

Right away! I eat constantly the first three + months, because it helps to settle my stomach. By the time I get into the 4th month and start feeling better, I'm a moose! I never had a belly band that some have mentioned, and that sounds like a great idea. The longer you can use your regular clothes the better, as long as they're comfortable. 9 months is a LOONG time to be in the same maternity clothes. CONGRATS!!!!



answers from Chicago on

Uh yeah maternity pants at 5 weeks with pregnancy #2! I was pissed at first! But then I said the hell with it, these pants are WAY more comfortable.

You're fine - wear what's comfortable, eat well, take your prenatals, exercise, drink lots of water, and don't worry about it. :) Congrats!



answers from Chicago on

almost right away! Plus all my babies are high so i have this high poof just below my chest that the minute I get pregnant pops right frustrating! But Congrats!!! The one heads up is that after you have the baby when your uterus contracts back it hurts more and more after each pregnancy. My third one was painful! But well worth it!



answers from Duluth on

I switched over on my second pregnancy pretty fast, I think by the end of the first month I had some of them out. They were just more comfy because of bloating. Most likely your issue right now is bloating, not that you're already showing. I'm just now at about 20ish weeks getting into the full panel pants and actually needing them.


answers from Huntsville on

Girl be comfortable switch whenever you want....I refused to wear tight I wore my maturnity gear....early!



answers from Dallas on

The day after I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child, my belly popped out and I had to get one of those belly bands to wear any of my normal clothes - the prepregnancy clothes were too tight and the maternity clothes I had were still a little too loose. I was only 4 weeks along and looked like I did when I was at least 3 months along with my first pregnancy.

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