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Updated on October 07, 2009
I.L. asks from Leesville, LA
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I have recently stopped breast feeding. It's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I breast fed. Last night in the shower i noticed a big hard tender lump in my breast. I also had thought that I had dried up, but in the last two days that breast is leaking a small amount of milk. I don't feel engorged, but that lump is very tender and sore. I know to use heat, but everything I keep reading encourages lots of breast feeding. I'm done breast feeding, and though it may relieve some of the pressure and help me, it would sure confuse my daughter to have her start again! At this point, that lump hurts, and I'm very tender, but not feeling sick and am otherwise healthy.
I have an appt with my GYN on wednesday, but was hoping for some advice between now and then.

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answers from Dallas on

If you have a breastpump I would use it to expel the clog in your milk duct (assuming it IS mastitis) and it sounds like it is. I would also take Ibuprofen because its an excellent anti-inflammatory, it will feel better when you do thagt also. Good luck....

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answers from Dallas on

My lactation consultant recommends gently using a fine tooth comb to "comb" the lump toward the nipple. Sounds strange, but combing the skin works for many people.
I also agree with the breast pump advice, that will relieve or move it without involving your daughter.
I know you have an appt on Wed, but if you start up a fever, you need to get some antibiotics ASAP.

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answers from Fresno on

My daughter had this and I told her to get in the hottub and massage her breast while in the hot water. If you dont have one a hot shower should work. As hot as you can and gently massage. My DIL was given antibiotics before this but felt great the morning after the hot water massage.

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answers from San Francisco on

To me it sounds like a plugged duct rather than mastitis. If you get a fever, then it's mastitis and you need to get antibiotics ASAP. I was susceptible to plugged ducts and did not expect to get them 3 weeks after I had weaned my daughter who was only breastfeeding once a day prior to weaning!
For a plugged duct you apply heat (hot compress, or in the shower or I used one of those neck wrap things you heat in the microwave) and massage the lump towards the nipple. You could also pump a tiny bit and massage towards the nipple at the same time. It's also helpful to apply cold after you massage or pump (one of those gel ice packs work well). You can take ibuprofen for the pain.
Good luck,

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answers from Sacramento on

I would use a breast pump. It also helped me to massage the lump toward the nipple while pumping when I had clogged ducts. It hurts pretty bad but in the end it helps.



answers from Chico on

Soak the affected breast in a small deep bowl of warm salt water several times a day then use a hand pump immediately after soaking to try to express the milk, which will unclog the ducts. Please take care of this before you get an infection!

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