Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet?????

Updated on April 11, 2007
S.S. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hello Everyone;

I was just wondering if anyone has tried or has any feedback on the "Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet"? I picked up the book at wild Oats and I am starting my day today. Can anyone give me some insight to this type of fast? I heard you can lose alot of weight with this fast. I also hear/read that it can help with allergy symtoms. I would really love to lose weight, but I would very much love to get rid of these allergies they are just killing me. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly and have a nice day.


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So What Happened?

Wow, I am getting such great feedback and it is so nice to know that there are alot of people involved with this website. This is a really great outreach source - it is amazing. Thank you everyone for all of your responses thus far. I really really appreciate it.


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answers from Albuquerque on

My friend recently completed the Master Cleanser diet and she normally suffers TERRIBLY from allergies. While on the cleanse and the first few days afterward, she didn't have any allergy symptoms. Now that she is back to a more normal diet, some of her allergy symptoms have come back but they are less intense than they would be normally. She also lost 11 lbs in 10 days. :) Good luck!

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answers from Tucson on

Hi S,
Haven't tried that. However, I did do the whole juicing and raw food diet for 2 weeks. Felt really good. Didn't loose too much weight but my body felt awesome without too much toxins. Basically I juiced and made smoothies. All the other foods I cansumed was raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. This is suppose to be the best diet for allergies. Check it out on the web. Hope it helps.



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi! You are definitely on the right track as far as realizing how incredibly important internal body cleansing is to your overall health and wellbeing! I personally use and HIGHLY recommend Arbonne International's Herbal Colon Cleanse and Detox Tea! These are awesome products that are more natural, non-harsh, and allow your body to work the way it's intended to. We also have a complete, natural, Vegan, weight-loss system that includes fiber and protein shakes.
If you'd like to check it out, please let me know. Or, you can visit my website at: to learn more. Here is some more info on these products!

Herbal Colon Cleanse
A robust blend of cleansing and detoxifying herbs plus beneficial microflora to support colon health.* It’s safe, natural, mild and promotes a healthy colon by naturally eliminating potentially harmful toxins.*

Key Ingredients: Herbs, Lactospore®, FOS and psyllium

Intended For: Colon health support*

60 tablets/30 day supply, #1859; $18

Additional Info: L-Carnitine is found in the body and it plays a major role in supporting high-energy body functions.* L-Carnitine helps to metabolize fat and burn excess, unwanted fat.* High concentrations are found in the heart because it relies on fuel to pump blood through the body.

Figure 8® Daily Detox Tea
A unique blend formulated with herbs to help cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body, preparing you and your body to reach your weight loss goals.* This international blend of botanical ingredients contains herbs that support the normal function of the liver, kidneys and the blood, while supporting toxin elimination.*

Key Ingredients: Milk thistle, couch grass root, sarsaparilla root and burdock root

Intended For: Assisting the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the liver and kidneys

20 tea bags, #1844; $12

Good Luck!
M. O. - Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant, Arbonne International



answers from Phoenix on

I've know people that did the lemonade diet - fasted for a week and by the time they were done, they were absolutely miserable! I've asked a homeopathic doctor about cleanses and the only one he believes in and thinks works is a gall bladder and liver flush. Basically these two organs keep all the other organs working properly - you can flush the others all you'd like, but if you don't go to the root of the problem, you're not really fixing the problem. This doctor suggested my husband do this flush, but my husband hasn't emailed him to get the "recipe" yet. But I can send it to you when I get my hands on it!



answers from Phoenix on

Kudoes to you! Probably right away, but particularly after the first couple days--YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! The Master Cleanse has helped me and many people I know to get a jump start on their health, allergies, and reclaiming their lives.

Also, if you're really into learning and are ready for it, the most powerful book yet written was just published and released. You may want to check it out. It is available through, but has its own website:

Don't let the title fool you. It's NOT what we've been lead to believe.

I wish you the best in your quest. It's NOT an "impossible dream."

Feel free to write back if you'd like:




answers from Phoenix on

I have been taking Juice Plus for about two months now. It is fruit and vegetables in a capsule. I for the first time in about 15 years have not suffered any allergies. I have had no runny nose, itchy eyes. I am loving it! If you are interested in this let me know and I will send you my website address. Good luck with the diet.



answers from Phoenix on

My husband went on the lemonade diet. It was really difficult and he was pretty grumpy during the four weeks that he was on it. He did lose weight, but I would have to say the biggest benefit was how good he felt afterwards. He is a person who deals with a lot of depression and it helped him to feel so much better. He also wanted to eat better and couldn't handle greasy food or alcohol.

It was of course, not a permanent change and the weight and bad eating habits did come back so I think it's the type of diet that would be good to do annually....I am pressuring him to do it again :)



answers from Phoenix on

Well lets see...have you ever done a cleanse before would be my first question? I am also a single mom and I know how hard it is to do everything by yourself. So I would worry that you won't be able to really be "in the moment" but I did the master cleanse when I was in college before my son was born and it was really hard. I did it completly for 4 days and had juice on the 5th day before I gave up. I was a total wreck. I couldn't focus and I was really sensitive towards others. But I had a good understanding of myself by the time I was done. I would recommend that you do the detox tea that goes along with the lemonade. It is an added bonus and totally worth it. But all that being said I am envious that you are doing it because I don't know if I could. I've been thinking about it as well though.

So more power to ya! Let me know how it goes and I'll be sending good vibes your way!


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