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Updated on June 14, 2010
E.F. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Sorry moms to ask a question off topic, but does anyone have some advice on how to go about looking for a bed and bedding for our master bedroom? We are redoing the furniture in our master bedroom and I am just lost. I know fabrics are the key for me. That is what I am drawn to when looking at any room.


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answers from Cleveland on

There is a website called that has tons of photos by interior decorators, etc. You can choose your room, and then your style (modern, traditional, asian, etc) and just scroll thru hundreds of pics. You can click on the ones you like and create your album.
Also if you go to, they have some really nice sets for sale and always seem to have great, clear pics.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My friend Jennifer Hutton, and her partner Arlene are amazing!!! They can do your whole room for you, or they offer a design triage service where they go over the room (and other rooms too if you want) with you, tell you where to find what you need at great prices and how to do it yourself if you want. Their website is and Jennifer's number is ###-###-#### email

S. P.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi E.

I am an interior designer and would love to help you. Did you know that DIY can sometimes be more expensive?

I can often save people money in time, costly errors and by purchasing below retail.

Now imagine your design ideas supported and enhanced by a professional who can give you an environment that you never dreamed possible.

I do not charge for the initial visit. I also have a free service on my website where you can ask a question and I will give you the answer. So email or call me if you would like to chat. or phone at ###-###-####.




answers from Los Angeles on

Start with color! Figure out what colors you want in the room, then when you look for bedding, you already have it narrowed down....I also found that ebay was helpful when we re-did our bedroom. I wanted blue and yellow, and punched that in with bedding, and there were all of these great choices, brand new, at great prices! Good luck, and have fun!



answers from Las Vegas on is a great website for everything for the home and beyond with $2.95 shipping on anything or everything. I have purchased lots of things from them, and everything comes very quickly and they have an easy return policy too. Check it out, I have purchased sheets, pillows, comforters and there is a ton of choices! Truly!



answers from Los Angeles on

My advice is to go to and look at some of the master bedrooms to get inspiration. Then you can go to,,anne and browse their collections.i say start with the bedding first and work from there.send me a message if u need any help

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