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Updated on August 21, 2009
E.K. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I am toying with the idea of starting a Mary Kay business and I wanted to see if anyone had any input - positive or negative. I already have the starter kit, but the group I signed up with is in Texas (long story...) Is it possible to transfer to a Phoenix-based group?

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answers from Phoenix on

I sell Mary Kay, and yes, you can transfer to a Phoenix group. If you talk to your director in Texas, they will hook you up with someone local. I love Mary Kay, because I use it, but a lot of people sell it, so it's hard to get your start. How well you do really depends on how much time and energy you want to put in. Good luck!!!


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HI E.,

I wanted to introduce you to a new skin care company that just game out. We are actually a product broker and deal with a few all natural products.

I am a co-founder for a new networking company that specializes in natural products and travel. We currently are searching for distributors to build this incredible new business. We have incredible all natural products and it is easy to do from your home computer and phone. It is a web-based business that you can take out of your home if you like or keep it web based.

We have a very special event this Saturday June 7th at 10am at the Scottsdale Plaza.

No fee for the class, it is free, but you do need to register, call me at ###-###-#### for tickets. You will also receive a 2 night 3 day hotel voucher good in 45 different cities. Something all families need!

Trust me on this, attend our event, check us out and let me know your thoughts. Very easy, little time, little investment and incredible income potential all from your home computer and phone!

I am a businesswoman in the Phoenix area for over 12 years.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi E. K,

I hope you found an answer to your question about Mary Kay. My friend is a rep here in Mesa/Gilbert so if you need further help, please contact me.

However I wanted to share with you what I do. The reason is I can help you with your Mary Kay business as well as if you'd like an opportunity to make some money. You could do both businesses that would compliment each other and you'd make money doing both!

I am in the business of helping business owners increase their referrals. In doing so I make things easier for moms, dads or anyone who owns a business and sends out thank yous. As well as anyone who sends out cards, gift cards or gifts via mail to family, friends and/or business clients.

This can also be a home-based business for moms that want to stay at home with their children and make an income while doing it. Not only can you use this convenient service yourself, you can make an income by signing up friends, family and business clients to use this fabulous service too! I speak so passionately about this service because I use it myself; I am not just a representative of the company, I am a customer as well. is a fabulous way to save you time and money. is an online service where you can purchase a card on line and have it mailed out without ever leaving your house. You also have the convenience of adding a gift card or gift along with your card if you choose. Birthdays, holidays, Congratulations, "Thank you's" have never been easier! And the cards are much less expensive than at the stores; I could not believe the savings.

It takes only mintues, somtimes seconds to send out a card versus the traditional way of going to the store, picking out a card, buying stamps, going to the mailbox...... That is time consuming and half the time you don't end up even sending a card or gift because of all that goes into it. But now you have a way that's easy, inexpensive and fun!

You can pick a prexisting card (like you would at Hallmark or the grocery store) or you can make your own card and add your personal text and pictures. will print it, put a stamp on it and mail the card for you.

The cards are of the highest quality and look just like a card you'd buy at the store, sign and mail yourself. Not only that you can make a personalized card with pictures of your choice; it looks like a professionally made card.

You can even write messages using your own handwriting! Once you sign up, the company will send you a form to fill out then your handwriting is downloaded in the system. When you send a card, you can actually write a message and sign your name(s) in your own handwriting from your computer!

This service is so amazing! I was so excited when I was introduced to this company.

I can't even tell you as a mom how much time and money this has saved me. It's so convenient and yet keeps it personal because an actual physical card gets mailed out.

Please contact me with any questions. Check my website for a free trial offer to send out 3 cards at my expense. I do this because I really believe in it and know you'll love it too.


Any questions, please call or email:


[email protected]


answers from Pueblo on

I don't necessarily want to put the company down, but I work from home also, and have known a lot of people that get into Arbonne or Mary Kay and put in a HUGE investment, and don't get much back. Of course, with any home based business you have to look long term, but at the same time, I don't beleive in investing large amounts of money into stocking, shipping, and selling products! Not to mention, today, people are really struggling financially, so who wants to buy costmetics when they really can't afford to buy anything but the things they NEED. With the company I am partnered with, you can simply enroll and start your business for only $29! It's an incredible opportunity, and I've been a member for 7 months now, and am earning a decent income while being with my 3 kids under the age of 3, and not worrying about day to day finances! If you would like more info. please check out my website and request more info. at



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Hi E.,

Have you thought about joining Avon? I have spoken to a few people before I decided which one I wanted to join and I thought that Avon was a much better option.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, send me a note and I will give you my number.

The network out here is great, I think you would love it.




answers from Phoenix on

Yes, you would join a team that would sponser you. You go to all the meetings with your sponser team but, your texas director gets the money from your orders.

Myself and my best friend do Mary Kay. We are not as into it as we were in the beginning. This was my second time trying it. I like to sell it however I do not like to approach people I dont know to get them to book a party for me...that is very hard to do for me so it kinda didnt go anywhere.
Good Luck



answers from Phoenix on

Hi E.,

Mary Kay is a fine company and has good products. If you like selling products and have makeup parties it's probably a good way to earn some income. I didn't want to get involved in the party plan business or have to worry about pressuring people to purchase so I looked for a business that provided that. I found a company that has a low investment and no risk. I don't have any inventory, no large up front investment. I don't have to sell or deliver products, take orders, or collect money. I'm in a simple referral business and it's centered around some very important world trends. I'd love to show you what it is and how it works. Feel free to contact me.


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