Many Accidents and Soiled Clothes!

Updated on October 28, 2006
L.S. asks from Rock Hill, SC
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My little Isaac is 10 weeks old and he is breastfed. Just about daily, he has a burst of poop in his pants that leaks into his clothes and in the process, gets all over him. I am having to do nonstop changing and laundry b/c of it. I am changing him frequently to try to avoid these accidents, but they still happen, usually in one moment of a poop burst (so it is not poop collecting through the day that is causing the leak). Do you think it is my diapers? He uses both Pampers and Huggies. We try to put them on tight. Anyway, if anyone has advice I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

Go the next size up! I know it sounds like it would be to loose, but it has more space to go into! P.S. Do not go by the weight on the diaper package. You baby is different than every other baby out there. My kids are skinny, but very long. I had to go up a size because of that! good luck!

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answers from Huntsville on

Yep, I agree. Try going up to the next size. We tried cheaper brands with both kids, but ours are skinny and tall, so they just didn't fit as well as Huggies. If you compare one of each diaper, the name brand ones have a stretchier waist band all the way around, and that made a HUGE difference in fit on our kids.

You might try putting plastic pants (or "rubber" pants, as my mom calls them) in between the clothes and diaper to try to help contain the mess and not soil the clothes. I do that anytime my kids have diarreah (that doesn't look right, but I'm too lazy to check!!). Also, if it's REALLY bad, I double diaper with the cheapest brand I can find on the outside. Just a thought....

Good luck!



answers from Spartanburg on

I would try a different brand of diapers, I always like the walmart brand, they fit well and seemed to help with leaks, plus they are a lot cheaper. Huggies usually fit boys better, but that is mostly for the peepee and not poop area. You migh consider also getting some plastic pants. You might be able to find them at a regular store, or you might need to look at a specialty store, one that sells cloth diapers because they are used with cloth to prevent leakage. It would help keep everything in the diaper and then you can just rinse it out and reuse without having to do a bunch of laundry and will probably save you on diapers as you won't need to change him as often when he really doesn't need it.



answers from Dothan on

Hi L.,

I can tell you I know exactly what you are talking about the good news is it will not last very much longer. Another thing I have always had problems with Huggies they always leak I personally like luvs and white cloud you can buy them at walmart and they are less expensive. Having three kids I have plenty of experience in the diaper dept. I use the white cloud with my youngest and have had no problems out of them and look at this way with all of that poop you know he is getting enough.



answers from Gadsden on

I have to say I went through the same problem. It doesn't last that long though. I would stop using the Huggies. I tried every brand of diaper imagineable, and I found that the most expensive (Huggies)worked the LEAST. During that messy diaper stage I wouldn't use the generic stuff either they don't hold as much either in my opinon. I would try Luv's , they work well, and they are less expensive.



answers from Dothan on

Hi L.!

I would first check with my pediatrian to make sure nothing is wrong. My daughter was like this though. Some babies just have explosive diapers! I just kept a lot of Oxy Clean available! Have you changed your eating habits? If you are breastfeeding, that could be affecting Issac's little tummy. I would try to keep something over the diaper like some training pants as well. Take care and good luck! ~Lee



answers from Montgomery on

In addition to diapers put a pair of cloth training pants on him. I had a similar problem with my youngest and this worked. You can get them at KMart or WalMart and just get the smallest size. This way you will only have to clean the training pants and who cares if they get stained.



answers from Raleigh on

I would suggest going the next size up as well as trying Luvs brand diapers. I swear by them!!! They hold TONS!!!



answers from Columbia on

You probably do need to go up a size on the diapers. I have had the best luck with Huggies (not the supremes). But, in my experience it really doesn't matter what brand you use when it comes to this problem. Breatsfed babies normally have "explosive" diapers, at least until they start eating some solids. Hang in there. It will get better.



answers from Charleston on

I think Huggies are terrible. My daughter would pee out the leg of them and the diaper would be completely dry. Also, you might try going up a size. WE swore by the pampers swaddlers. When she started to outgrow them, she would start to have accidents, so we would go up to the next size.

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