Mammogram Showed Focal Asymmetry

Updated on August 12, 2011
K.K. asks from Hilliard, OH
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I had my first mammo last week at age 38. They called today and said it showed a focal asymmetry on my right breast and want me to come back tomorrow for a spot compression to see the area better. She also used the word cyst. I am freaking out. Has anyone else had a mammogram that read the same way?

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answers from Cleveland on

Don't freak out! I work for a general surgeon at Hillcrest and we have women come in all the time. Cyst doesn't mean cancer. Sometime a cyst can just be a cyst. Many times it just you're body/hormones causing some changes within you body. Don't freak out but do follow up on it. We have people who come in and never follow up just because they don't want to know anything bad at all, whether it is or isn't. Its you're first mammogram too, so there is nothing to compare it to yet either. They may just have you get another one in 6 months or so to make sure there isn't any huge changes. It may just be something you've always had.



answers from Sioux Falls on

yes i had a mammogram last week and my doctor call and told me that my mammogram showed a focal asymmetry and i need to go back in to do some new views and a ultrasound it was on my left breast no cyst that i know of but i am freaking out i'm 58 and this is the first time anything as come back wrong with a mammogram.



answers from Cincinnati on

A cyst generally is nothing to worry about - they can drain it with a needle or remove it with surgery. I have had both done on my right breast. However, be very vigilent with your breast self exams and mammograms, but do not take the results as gospel - know your body and be aware of changes in feelings of your breast. Because I insisted I knew something was wrong with my left breast and did not take the word of several doctors who told me nothing was wrong because the mammogram did not show anything - I am alive today. I took it upon myself to see a surgeon and she found a lump and it was cancer and I had to have a mastectomy. That was seven years ago. I don't want to scare you - but PLEASE pay attention to your body. Virginia R



answers from Fort Wayne on

Having a cyst is fairly normal. I think it's just a compacted piece of tissue. It doesn't mean it's cancerous. I have several small cysts and none of them are cancerous. I've kept an eye on it since I was in my teens. I had a biopsy on it in my early 20's, and the results were non-cancerous. These are things we keep an eye on, but they are not necessarily bad.

On the upside catching things early on helps to prevent the spread. Catching cancer early on is completely treatable.



answers from Lima on

That term I am not sure about, but for years I have what they call natural lumpy breasts. I feel lumps all over. They are sort of a cyst, but non cancerous. I've had to have a few drained which is no big deal. I started having mammograms when I was about 30, because of my "natural lumpiness" and family history. Main thing is to watch and check often. The other thing you can do, is take Vit. E (1000mg once a day), it does help keep the cysts like mine down. My doctor gets on me if he finds out I havent' been taking Vit. E.
Keep in mind, as women we are pretty lucky that breast cancer or ovarian cancer is pretty treatable. Not always successful (wouldn't want to give you false hope) but much better chance of success than any other cancer.

My mother and her sister both have had breasts removed. I've been lucky so far and have only had to have some cysts drained. If you have no family history of it, that is better yet. Check yourself and go to your doctor regularly!!!!
In fact, I am due for my mammogram now. I am almost 45.

Actually when I first started going for mammograms, they found they had to do ultrasound instead because the tissue of a woman that young doesn't show up well enough on mammogram.

Relax, until you go back, and make your doctor explain things to you!!!!!!!!

L. (



answers from Columbus on

K. -

I am no physician, but I had a similar reading on my first mammo and it was nothing. The explanation I received is that technology is so good these days that they pick up assymetries now that no one could see before. While your breasts should be identical they often aren't for very normal reasons. So try not to panic. The compression will give them a better look. If it is normal they will just note it in your file for the next time.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I just had that happen last week. I was freaking out, but everything turned out alright. I went back in for another mammogram and an ultrasound only if the images on the mammogram didn't go away. The new images on the mammogram were still present, so I did the ultrasound and thats where they said it was just dense breast tissue. Good luck, but hopefully it's not anything to worry about.

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