Making Time for Fiance and Myself

Updated on May 13, 2007
S.L. asks from Queensbury, NY
4 answers

how do i get my fiance to help out a little more and like to be home. he is a wonderful father but moody most of the time. we have been together for 7 years and have 3 children. we both work full time and have no time for us. we dont have to many babysitters so our time together is very limited any thoughts

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answers from Utica on

My guess is that your probably argueing as well yes? The question I have is...If he is not home where is he? I only ask this because my husband is a work aholic and is never home if he is he is upstairs in the recording studio. No family time and no me time. So this is what I did. I make sure I let him know that this is a problem for me!!! I don't really care if its not for him. And then I make sure I have someone to baby sit and make plans from there. Even if its just 1hr for dinner somewhere or ice cream just something. we come home kids are usually in bed and then its more alone time. You have to make the move first. Men only make the intitive for sex!!! Make sure you drive and that you do all the planning. Sometimes men like the women to be in controll of the (what they call) the little things. I hope this helps. I know with both your busy schedules that this is hard to do so if this plan is unplanable take a nice long bath together after the kids are alseep,do something sensual for eachother. Good luck



answers from Scranton on

what me and my fiancee do is after we put the baby down and he is asleep we just hang out together in the house whether it be watching a movie or just talking playing video games we do something together might i add that before i was with him i didn't play video games but just so i could do something with him i tried it out and its kinda fun



answers from Albany on

Hi S.-

My only advice to you is, make the time for you two to go out, once a week,it can be a walk, dinner, movie what not, you just have to make time for the two of you, if not, you get mad he is already mad and everyone wants to be alone, you need the time alone with one another...Like they say Having kids changes everything



answers from Rochester on

My husband and i had the same problem. What we did is made an hour out of the day where our kids had to play in their rooms. No choose play in room time it made it so we had an hour a day to reconnect it helped. Hope it helps you

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