Making Orange Colored Icing for a Cake

Updated on October 15, 2011
M.F. asks from Piscataway, NJ
11 answers

Is there a way to use natural ingredients to tint white icing orange (relatively easily)? I'd like the color to be bold like a pumpkin, but if not, it can be a little faded. Thanks.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'd almost be tempted to put the white icing on the cake and stick orange M&M's all over it (but orange sprinkles would work, too).

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answers from Dallas on

I use all natural food colorings you can get at natural food markets. The brand I use is India Tree. You can also order another brand here I haven't tried those ones yet so I don't have a personal review like I do the India Tree brand.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm going to assume that the Wilton paste coloring is not all natural and not what you're looking for? That's probably the best way I can think of but if you're looking for natural ingredients I'm sure that's the answer.

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answers from Richmond on

Red + yellow food dye = orange ;)

They do sell 'organic' food coloring, I have no idea what's really in it...

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answers from Sherman on

the orange m&m or sugar sprinkles B suggested was a great idea!



answers from New York on

I tried to make a pumpkin-shaped cake with orange frosting a couple weeks ago and even the regular food dye wouldn't do it, and I put in A LOT of red and yellow. It came out kind of pale pinky-orange (though the cake itself looked pretty good, gotta say). I also like the M&M or sprinkles idea.

I saw that Wilton now has natural food color gels available. Just not sure how good the colors come out.



answers from New York on

carrot juice maybe orange juice consentrate (frozen kind) mixes with powdered sugar



answers from Kalamazoo on

Don't know if the flavors will work with what you're doing, but I've used the zest from oranges for a soft orange hue (it's a little speckled, but pretty - and what pumpkin doesn't have speckles?) but the flavor is strong (and yummy!).

I usually use berries to color my icing, but a tablespoon of pureed mango, pumpkin or butternut squash may work, too. For the pumpkin icing I would use just icing sugar and pumpkin (ie switch the milk/cream with pumpkin puree).

Good luck. I'd love to hear what worked for you.


answers from Minneapolis on

I have used Turmeric and Saffron is very small amount. Turmeric stains everything yellow. In this case as long as the frosting requires a fair amount of sugar, then you wont taste the spice at all. If its low sugar or cane, I would suggest Saffron. Dont need much and Saffron actually will turn a shade of Orange but not really BRIGHT orange, might need to break down and put in a drop of Wilsons red die in that case. Its difficult to go all natural with orange since its not a primary color. Beet Juice and Tumeric/Saffron might make orange?Be sure its not over strong or the sugar and taste of the frosting wont cover the natural flavors.
PS someone suggested carrot juice, which is also a great dye!!!! However Carrots have a large amount of sweet flavor so you might have to decrease sugar amounts in the frosting... there is always a little adjusting and tweeking when using naturals



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hmmmm....someone asked this recently.....
I know there are websites that sell natural food colors. Maybe google it?


answers from San Antonio on

carrot juice is pretty orange! it has stained my white cutting boards plenty of times. not sure exactly how to make it into 'dye.' Maybe grate the carrot, put in water, cook a little.

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