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Updated on October 12, 2010
J.T. asks from Carmel, IN
8 answers

I am wondering if anyone has found a business that is making them money from home. Can you work your own hours? I have found a few options online but don't know if they are really worth my effort.

I do have a click through website that generates income if anyone is interested, I can share the info. It is not a get rich quick or anything. It has been in business for 6 years.

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So What Happened?

I found a great opportunity and invite others to join me:

We are a group of Moms (and More!) Sharing Our Success (SOS) by helping you reach your goals.

Moms SOS members are customers of a unique company that offers a way to improve our health and provide a safer environment for our families while saving us time and money.

SOS members come from every walk of life, locations and backgrounds. You may be a single mom or dad trying to make ends meet, a stay at home parent looking to add to the family income, a professional making a career change, a two-income family seeking more time with your loved ones, an entrepreneur in search of a better company, or perhaps you are retired wanting more out of life. It doesn’t matter what the situation, we have one very important thing in common: a goal to succeed and we are dedicated to the success of each and every member of our team.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'm in a few of the paid to read emails sites, I don't make much off them but every little bit helps out


answers from Bangor on

I currently work part time from home, Below is a little information on what works for me.

Improve the quality of your environment, enjoy better health, save time and money, all with the option to get control of your finances utilizing a proven business model. This is a strong, stable, legitimate company we can believe in and trust.

The security and stability of a residual income has added so much to the lives of many individuals and families. This company also allows people to reach their financial goals, whatever they may be: supplemental income, starting or adding to a retirement, or replacing income without risking anything.

Our business opportunity has enabled many people to earn an income from home, while having the freedom to spend time with their children or work along side their current job.
No matter what your reason is for wanting to work from home, if you are determined to get ahead I would like to hear from you!
No Sales, No retail, No inventory.
Free, personalized website.
Ongoing mentoring, training & support

Send me an email with your contact information or visit my website at & request more info & I will personally contact you to see if this is a good match for you & your family!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi J.,

My name is A., & I'm a married mother of an 11 month old daughter. I want to share with you a wonderfully different company, & I am looking for team members! The company is called Once Upon a Family & if you are family oriented (as I am) you will love it. I truly believe in & am very passionate about the products, which makes what I do something more of 'sharing' than selling. Please check out my website or contact me, I would be very happy to share more information with you. Thanks!

A. G.



answers from Indianapolis on

You can do surveys online to make about $30 an hour.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hey J., My name is M.. I am an RN a St. Vincent Hospital. I am educated and respected in the field of nursing, BUT it wears me out. It has taken a toll on my body and spirit. (Don't get me wrong, I love my job, just not 40 hours a week) Needless to say, I decided to cut back my hours at the hospital and search for something I could do to make money from home to suppliment my income. My kids love the fact that I stay home four days a week and work three. I have so much more time witht the kids and if I have to go to the DR., I don't have to take a day off work. Ok, you want to hear what I do? I started my own on-line travel business. Sounds difficult and time consuming, huh. NOT AT ALL. I love it. I can tell you all about it if you are interested. I am always willing to help another woman out. I think every woman should have the opportunity to make money and have a family life too (without losing your sanity). Here is my website
Click on company presentation. My number and e-mail address are on the website. Let me know what you think. I'm telling you, the perks of owning your own on-line travel business are out of this world.



answers from Indianapolis on

I quit my full-time job to be home with my 3 little ones. Within a few months of being a SAHM I was introduced to Arbonne. It is an incredible company that brings awesome rewards --- both financial & personal growth. The other SAHM moms in Arbonne that I have met are GREAT!!! It is really worth checking out!! Believe me, I didn't think that a home-based business would bring any sort of REAL monitary benefits, but I have certainly found one. Let me know if you would like more information. You can reach me direct at [email protected] I wish you the best!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi J.! I am a SAHM to four children (three of them are in school during the day). I am also interested in working from home. Can you give me a little more info on your click through website?
Thanks so much,



answers from Indianapolis on

Hey J.,
My name is H. and I am a sahm as well. I decided to stay at home a month before I had my son. I looked for a work at home business and found one that I thoroughly enjoy. I can set up a time where we can discuss more. Email me at [email protected]

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