Making It All Work with a FT Job

Updated on November 06, 2009
K.H. asks from West Lafayette, IN
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Hi moms! I am overwhelmed, to say the least. I have been working full time for about 8 weeks, and I just can't seem to make it all work. I'm looking for solutions and suggestions(if possible) or maybe just confirmation that it isn't me! My kids are great about doing chores (laundry, pet care, cleaning, etc.) and we have downsized our house significantly. My husband is unable to take on housekeeping type chores for a variety of reasons. We have considered getting a cleaning person, but even that would only gain me a couple of hours at best. We try to eat healthy and I bake from scratch, minimize processed and prepared foods, so the shopping and cooking take a lot of time. But what is really suffering is day-to-day upkeep (calling the insurance company, getting a haircut, etc). I work in a school, so taking time at lunch is not really an option. Thanks for ideas!

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answers from Denver on

It's not you. You are one person doing two full time jobs - and there simply are not enough hours in the day. It's great that your family is helpful and supportive! Funny you mention getting a haircut - I'm with you - WHEN DO YOU FIND THE TIME...?

What I've found to help is to schedule some time on the weekends for YOU and the things you must get done (i.e. haircut) Even if it's every other Sat from 10-12... or whatever works for your family.

Can your husband make some calls - insurance etc.?

Also, I was a neat freak before the two kids (17 mos apart) both under three... and I've learned to just let some of it go a bit. Not to be unclean, but the little mess here and there is okay. I can go to bed without picking it ALL up - I just focus on picking up just one room a night... keeps me a little more sane.

Probably no enlightening news here - just to be kind to yourself, appreciate all you are doing and how much you are doing... and know you are doing a great job!



answers from Boise on

Wow I know how you feel. Working full time and having a family is so much pressure. You can make meals ahead and freeze them. The easiest way that I have found is when I make a casserole for dinner, make 2 or more and freeze them before I cook them. You can put them in a pan and put tin foil on it or if you are making several and don't have room for pans, can put them in freezer zip lock bags. Make sure you lable them and how long to cook. There are a lot of information on freezer meals on the internet and books.

There are a lot of ideas to help you organize you life on our family website called It is impossible for me to work out side of the home in my situation now. So another option is work at home. There is reviews on work at home jobs on our website also. My heart feels for you,, I've walked in those shoes!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I use to feel the same way when I was working more than full time as a project engineer. My solution was to work from home. I've been doing that for the last year and a half and it has been amazing for my family! We now have a good balance, I'm able to cook healthy rather than picking up takeout on the way home, and I get to be there for everything!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Have you ever heard of She has a lot of good suggestions. I don't recommend signing up for her e-mail service, as much as just reading through the stuff on her website. A few things that are working for me are:

Having a bedtime routine which includes getting everything ready for the next day (keys by the door, clothes layed out (for me and my son) lunch packed) Then I spend 15-30 minutes, depending on how late it is straightening up, and what I don't get done, I don't get done.

I also am trying to use a calendar, and spend time each week updating, menu planning, making phone calls and appointments. Then it's all written down in one place.

Don't get me wrong we still struggle on a daily basis, but the more I get into a routine it seems that I feel like I have a little more control. Good luck

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