Making a "Good Behavior" Chart

Updated on October 18, 2010
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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Ok, I went to 2 craft stores today and left empty handed. I'm not the most creative, but I was just thinking small poster board (which I saw in different colors) and stickers, like the stars I got as a kid in school. Well, the only stickers I found were for scrap-booking and they were expensive. I have gotten my daughter regular packages of stickers at non-craft stores, but I was hoping to find something that symbolized success, like a star, and a lot of them. Also, any ideas on how to create this "Good Girl" chart would be much appreciated!! Oh, and pray for me that it works, because I'm losing my mind with my very soon-to-be 3 year old!!! Thank you mamas!

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I had thought about making my own recently, too, but then realized that unless the stickers or whatever I used were removeable, I would have to make a new chart every week. Then I found this great behavior/reward chart that comes with velcro stars and lots of different "behaviors" to choose from - it's totally customizeable and it comes with tabs to hang it on the wall or you can put it on the fridge because it comes with magnetic strip already attached to the back - it's really cool. I found it at my local Learning Express toy store, but if you don't have one by you, here's it is at Amazon:

and here's the company's website where you can read more about it and see their other products:

May not be what you're looking for, but thought I'd give you an option - I bought two - one for each daughter (4 and 5) and it doesn't work perfectly, but it's definitely making an improvement.

Best wishes!

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I LOVE this free site to print things for kids. Here's the link that will get you to the page to begin customizing your own child's chore/behavior chart.

You get to type the heading for the chart (such as Christina's Chart) and the behavioral goals (such as "listened to mommy and daddy" or "put away toys nicely") and your child can pick the design/charcter to print out. Of course you can print a new one each time and not laminate it.

I laminated mine at a teacher's store called Lakeshore Learning for under two dollars. So I just used an Expo marker and erased the happy faces each week to begin again. If you have a dollar store chain called Dollar Tree in FL, go there and get stickers, if you want to for the chart. I live in IL and love that chain. They have so many incentives to buy for a dollar. (It's NOT a junky type dollar chain store.)

This should help you! Good luck!

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We make one each week. I just use a piece of construction paper. I put the days of the week across the top (use the paper so it's longer across) and the responsibilities along the left hand side. I get out my old magazines and we cut out pictures. So, if one of the duties is picking up toys, we cut out a picture of a toy. We just got some cheap stickers and use those. If she picks up, she puts a sticker on her chart. When that side is used up, we flip it over and use the other side for the next week. When she accumulates two full charts (or one month of duties) she can trade them in for a prize. My daughter is only 3, so it works for us! I think she gets more excited about putting the stickers on the chart than trading them in for a prize :)

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I'm sitting here laughing my butt off as I am waiting for the glitter glue to dry on our 3 yr olds good behavior chart! Good for you to take the time to help her from herself :-) ....when all else fails remember the line from Shrek when they are strung up in a dungeon due to donkey's shenanigans and Shrek says to him...."i know you WANT to be good.....what you lack is the CAPACITY to do so".

As for the chart here is what has worked so far....I use a stamp versus stickers. Stickers tend to be a very hot commodity and the fact of putting it on the page rather than having it in her hands was actually seen as negative. I found an awesome hello kitty self inking stamp that she loves to stamp the square when she accomplishes it. We save the big sticker for the end of the day when we marvel at all of her accomplishments (even if its just one!). as for whats on the chart...i keep it simple...i cut out clip art on the left side for the areas (ear (listening), bed, toys/clean, etc.) and the days of the week at the top. I have two extra blank rows for random acts of goodness. It's making a difference a little bit at a time and she is more aware of her behavior which is really the main goal.

Good luck!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I always just made our charts on the computer & used stickers pertaining to whatever he was "into" at the'll need to replace week after week, etc........

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answers from Miami on

Dollar stores have great things for behavior charts. I have gotten books of teachers stickers (great job, star, super, etc.) at Dollar Tree.

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answers from Jacksonville on

You may want to use these as templates...:)

This will get you on the right track...:) I would suggest joining a playgroup, as well, if you have not already. Having other parents who understand what you are going through and can give suggestions always helps! :)

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answers from Tampa on

We use the dvd set from Yoka Reeder that gave us ideas and confidence and wow- behaviour improved( and w/o stars, so this is an idea of not getting them)
This lady is so brilliant, I think, she helped, via this set of dvds, to put my own childhood to rest, making me a better mom.
best, k



answers from Orlando on

Not sure where you live but try Millers' School Supplies (either in Winter Springs or South Orange Ave). They have charts that can be used with dry erase markers, removable stickers or regular stickers. They come in pre made ones or you can customize them yourself.
You can also look at their website:



answers from Dallas on

I have looked at the Good Behavior charts trying to decide how to do one. Now - my boys are older (11 & 6) but we are still needing something to cut down on the fighting and fussing between them. And the backtalk to mom & dad ! One of my friends gave me this suggestion which has worked great. I got 2 plastic jars with lids at the Dollar Tree (they are Halloween decorated right now) and a bag of colored rocks - like large shiny rocks you put in flower bowls for decoration. Each day they are good, etc. they get to pick and put 1 rock in their jar. When they reach a certain amount, they get a treat of my choosing. They can turn their rocks in for that treat or save them up for a little larger treat. Right now - it's 5 rocks gets an ice cream cone, 15 gets a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. When they turn in their rocks, they empty out the jar and start over. They can see the rocks adding up. And they get really upset if there isn't a rock for some reason that day. For major offenses, I have taken a rock out also. It's working so far.



answers from Tampa on

Believe it or not the Dollar Store has alot of that kind of stuff and it is only $1 not sure where the closest one is to you but it is worth a try


answers from Tallahassee on

Poster board, clip art, velcro. Real simple or those thin sheets of colored foam work too, just cut out the stars yourself.
Been there, done that, still trying with my 10 yr old!!
M. F

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