Makeup Lesson for Soon to Be 13-Year Old

Updated on February 25, 2012
S.C. asks from Hanover Park, IL
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My daughter will be turning 13 in April and I wanted to take her somewhere where she can get her makeup done and get a lesson about putting makeup on at the same time. She doesn't and will not wear much makeup, however, I do want to have someone be able to show her how to put makeup on that looks natural.

I should also note that she has senstive skin and is biracial so she has a dark skin tone so I would need to take her somewhere that has products for senstive skin and for darker skin colors. Does anyone have ideas on where I could get this done and if this would cost anything? Thanks.

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answers from Chicago on

Clinique. I used to work for them, also. I used to do this all the time. I suggest calling ahead to setup a time. At 13 all she might want to get is a little mascara and lipgloss and maybe a blush or bronzer. They also have a great skincare line if you are looking for that. Have fun!


answers from Tyler on

I will second the recommendations for Bare Eucentials and Clinique, my 17 yr old uses both brands. We've started out with drug store brands with my 13 yr old because she is just not interested in make up. Just this week she started asking about eye liner, so time to get the lessons from a pro! Just be prepared to keep up the supply if you go dept store, fortunately, if taught well they don't go through it very quickly at all.

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answers from Washington DC on

Most modern make-up brands will have a variety of skin tone options. I am biracial and brown-skinned (pretty dark for being mixed... most white people just assume I'm African-American with curly hair) and I am no where near the darkest option at most make-up counters.

The Clinque counter (or really any other make-up counter) can probably do what you're asking.

If you want to take her to Bare Essentials, that's a pretty good one for sensitive skin and they have a nice range of colors. I word "tan" in the S. and "medium tan" in the winter with that brand. Again not their darkest options.

Either of those options would be free, but they'll expect you to BUY at least one of the products their demonstrating.

Hope this helps. Have fun, but I'd encourage her just to wear lip gloss and mascara at this age.


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answers from Atlanta on

You may want to ask around if you have any friends with daughters this age. I know when I was a teenager, there was a very skilled lady at a Clinique counter in a department store near us. All the young girls went to her because their moms knew she wouldn't make us look like tarts and she would show us nice neutrals and how to accent our features. If you don't know anyone, try some of the Bare Minerals or other natural products they have out now that aren't so heavy. Bare Essentials has stores in some places where you could probably take her for a makeover.

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answers from Honolulu on

Kids... won't or don't need "make up" to me... meaning "foundation" or heavy powders. Foundation will make them look too made up and unnatural. Being they are not adults.

Just a light dusting of perhaps, translucent powder if anything.
Just a light dusting of neutral eye shadow and clear lip gloss or something.

For just wanting make up put on her, you don't 'have to' buy the make up unless you like it. So it is "free" in that sense... they can't force you to buy the make up they put on your child.

Just go to a department store and go the the make up counter(s), and see if they can apply some make up on her, for "fun." Tell the counter person that.

But if you want an actual lesson in make up and skin care, then you need to tell them that because it takes much more of their time.

Clinique, is hypoallergenic and for sensitive skins.

I just took my Husband's 12 year old Niece... to Neiman's. And told the counter lady if she could put make up on my Niece... for fun. I emphasized, this was for fun. They were nice about it and did so, without any problem. They knew I was not going to buy anything.
All they did was lightly applied some pale eyeshadow and light barely there blush, and a neutral lip gloss. And she looked great and she was happy. And the Mom too.

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answers from Chicago on

I've heard the ladies at Bobbi Brown do a great job.


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answers from Chicago on

for my daughter's 10th birthday we had a Mary Kay person come to the house and give a demo on how to do makeup. She gave each kid a mirror and a little sampler, looked at skin tones to determine what to give them and explained why you do what. I highly suggest this route!! It's free, you don't have to buy anything although of course they hope you do. I tipped her $20 because I didn't buy anything. She was shocked I gave her anything.


answers from Chicago on

Take her to Ulta, I always see girls having make overs done and are taught how to apply it naturally. Or even Sephora, they will literally teach and show her how to apply it and it'll be fun for her...Good Luck!



answers from Rockford on

I would go to Clinique. I worked there for about three years and did this sort of thing all the time. :) You can even call and set up a free makover. All she would really need to get started is some mascara, maybe some lipgloss and if she has any blemishes or dark circles she can use a lightweight concealer. Depending on how dark her skin is she could use a blush or bronzer. If she has oily skin then she could use some lightweight powder as well. As a courtesy I would plan to purchase 3 items. Of course you don't have to buy anything but it is greatly appreciated.



answers from Dallas on

Most department stores will give 'make-overs', but I think they would expect some sort of purchase.
Sephora is a good place as well, if you have one near you.

Or, you can call local beauty schools - they might have students that need 'practice'. That might be the least expensive option.



answers from Los Angeles on

i wouldnt worry about a foundation. get her a lite blush, lip gloss and some mascara thats all she needs.



answers from Dallas on

I agree wiht Christy Lee, I use Bare Escentuals for a while now I use the generic of it. But they have it for different skin tones. I have very sensitive skin and I love it. And it does look the most natural.



answers from Minneapolis on

I second the Bobbi Brown recommendation. They will keep it natural looking and show her how to apply.


answers from Columbia on

I'm pretty sure you could take her to a Bare Escentuals store or a Sephora store and have this done for free or very little.

I think it's a fun idea for a birthday treat...but I'd not be inclined to buy her foundation or anything that covers her lovely skin. A very light powder, some natural color for eyes and cheeks, and a teeny bit of mascara should be all she needs. ♥



answers from Boston on

We had a Mary Kay representative come to my house and do a skin care and make up class for my SD and some of her friends when she turned 13. I was buying stuff for me and her anyway so I let the girls' moms know that they were welcome to come and stay but to not feel obligated to buy anything because I was buying enough anyway to make it worth my rep's time.

My SD just recently went with a friend to Sephora where they got a make up lesson and the mom treated both of them to some products. I would think that Sephora would have everything you need, and they use Bare Minerals for the girls which is a great line of natural looking make-up.

It's nice to know that my SD now has good quality skin care and make up and although she doesn't wear make up all the time, she at least has tasteful colors that are a nice match for her coloring and knows how to apply it. I sometimes have to send her back into the bathroom to remove a layer, but it's not a huge fight like some of my friends have with their daughters who have nothing but loud, tacky make up and put it on with a very heavy hand because they think that's how it's done.


answers from Chicago on

I often do this service, PM me if you are interested.



answers from Oklahoma City on

You don't wear makeup?

I use a lot of my own makeup for recitals and other performances. She is able to put her own makeup on and she is just 8. It looks beautiful. I started by applying the makeup since I could do it much faster. She has learned by watching as I apply the different items to her face. I occasionally use a black eyeliner and always use eye brow pencil but that is only for the stage. You cannot even see her makeup from a few feet away but she is not washed out looking in the harsh lights.

Products I use:

99% Mary Kay

Mineral powder for base, needs a brush, together about $30. They will let you try on shade after shade after shade. And when you get it home and have it on in different lights you may decide it is too dark or light and you can exchange it.

Eye shadows, I use black onyx, whipped cocoa, spun silk. I know the names of those but they have new stuff with different names now but I put on the lightest, then the brown in the crease, and the black goes on the outer edge and is blended in very well. I have had people, complete strangers, come up and comment on my makeup. Even the youth at church have asked their moms to have me show them how I did my eyes.

This picture shows how I do mine. The darker shadow that is under the applicator is where my black goes and it is not much darker than this.

Blush can be any color you like on her skin tone. I like a darker blush, like a brick red or plum. I have prominent cheek bones and I apply the blush under the edge of the bone to accentuate it. I do not do apple cheeks like so many do.

Then I use the Raisinberry lipstick with almost everything. I love that it is not purple tinted and not very bright, it does not stand out and say HELLO, I HAVE LIPS!!!! It is matte and does not stand out. I used to wear Plum but they have changed and updated a lot of things.

Then I use my standard Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I just cannot seem to make the break.

Keeping it light and minimal will do the trick. I think if you have any experience in putting your own make up on then you will be able to tell if hers is just not right.

Making an appointment with a Mary Kay rep is a good idea too. If you go to the website you can find one local to your area. Please inform them that you are not interested in the total skin care package but just want basic make up for a 13 year old girl. They should respect that and not try to do a big sell on you. If they do just keep telling them you are only interested in basic glamour and not the skin care sets.

You should not have to spend of $50-$75 if you buy everything I mentioned above. The base powder and brush together is about $30 then the eye shadows can be bought individually, they often have them as a duo but you always wear only one of the colors and that ends up being a waste of money in my opinion. I like mine separate so I can buy the ones I want to use.

She will most likely like a lip gloss instead of a lipstick, that is cheaper and you can buy any lip gloss at Walmart or anywhere else for less.

This person should be a make up expert, applying and selling. Listen to the things that are good for you and perhaps file the rest away just in case you need the idea some time later.

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