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Updated on June 21, 2013
M.T. asks from Chandler, AZ
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My 13 year old is getting into make up.I only allow her to wear lip gloss,I don't want her to grow up!!Should i just allow her to wear makeup?

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answers from San Francisco on

You can't stop her from growing up. At thirteen, it's reasonable to allow some makeup, as long as it's tasteful and minimal. I think it's reasonable to allow a little eye makeup.

I agree with the response below.

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answers from Seattle on

I think now is the time to start showing her how to wear makeup. The right way. How to use little, but really bring out her natural beauty. You can also go to a makeup counter and have them show you some simple tips.

Her starting to wear makeup doesn't have to be a bad thing. Simple, and natural is the way to go for her age.

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answers from Dallas on

She is 13... Do you remember being 13?

You don't have to allow her to paint a face on daily but at 13 I think a loose powder, maybe touch of blush and eyeshadow are ok.... all very lightly done, not heavy.

How about making a date with her and take her to a nice department store (Nordstrom's and Neimans are great for this) to the cosmetic counter an have someone show her how makeup should look if you choose to wear it at 13. She also needs to know all about good skin care routines as well, ESPECIALLY if she starts wearing any makeup.

Decide if this is a battle you want to fight. She may walk out your door with no make up, go do it herself, and then clean up before she comes home. Some girls do that as well as change clothes.

Mom, I know it is hard but we have to let go in baby steps along the way. Trust that you have taught her well. Time flies and she'll be heading to college like my little girl!!

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answers from Appleton on

My daughter is 13 and she asked about wearing make-up last fall. I made an appointment at the Clinique counter so they could show her how to apply the make-up so she didn't look over-done and would know how to do it correctly. I thought she would take their advice better than mine :) She ended up gettting some blush, eye shadow, eye liner and some mascara. She does not wear it everyday and she has been doing a good job with it, they are natural colors so it blends in well. I just hate the black mascara that ends up under her eyes when she doesn't get it all off! I highly recommend going to someone to let them guide her.

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answers from Grand Forks on

That is about the same age the girls started wearing make-up when I was a kid. My mom and my older sister showed me how to put it on and if I put to much on I was sent back to my room to take it off.

Make sure she uses product with SPF!

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answers from Dallas on

If it where me I would because most girls you tell them not to and they will do it at school. I think I was about that age when I started wearing it. My mom had a girl that was about 6 years older than me that was a family friend show me how to put it on. I was instruckted that I had to wear it how she showed me. And I did.

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answers from Chicago on

No, have her do it step by step and learn slowly.

My mom's order was lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow (soft colors), blush, foundation. By the time I got to foundation (16ish) anything was good to go and I actually knew what I was doing with it all.

In addition, there was a time/place that it was appropriate to wear the make up and I had to follow the rules.

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answers from Houston on

13 was the age of makeup for my daughter. We did lip gloss, eye shadow (very pale colors) and mascara. She would sit and watch me and I would explain what I was putting on and why. I would explain techniques and whatnot. My daughter has always been very girlie which she gets from her mother! =)

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answers from Columbia on

It's time to start teaching her the basics. She doesn't need the whole kit-and-caboodle...and she doesn't need to wear it all the time. A little lip gloss, natural eye and cheek colors (bronzer is pretty), a touch of mascara is good. But also get her facial wipes and teach her to remove it gently and properly.

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answers from San Diego on

At that age, I may allow a little bit of lip gloss, blush and mascara. Probably not eye shadow, though. :)


answers from Minneapolis on

She's going to grow up whether you allow makeup or not.

Buy her her own so she doesn't wreck all of yours. My daughter at 15 just uses a little concealer (if needed), lotion, little powder (if needed), lighter shades of shadow and mascara. Show her the right way to apply it so it enhances her instead of a caked layer of makeup


answers from Norfolk on

Some lipstick, and concealer is ok.
An eye lash curler isn't bad either.
What some kids do with eye liner, mascara and eye shadow is ridiculous.
They come out looking like a cross between clowns and raccoons.
The thing about makeup is, you have to keep replacing it every few months (whether you use it up or not) because bacteria will grow in it and make zits and break outs worse.
The more stuff she uses, the more expensive it gets.
So let her try a few things but don't let her go overboard.
AND make sure she understands she has to wash it all off every night (never sleep in it) - it really clogs your pores.
Make sure she has a good cold cream to remove it with.



answers from Houston on

What do you want to do? I sneaked and wore make-up at that age, but I don't think that that means that my mother should have given in. Some things your kids should have to sneak if they're gonna do it, if it's something that you don't want for them. They should know that if theyr'e doing it, it is without yoru permission. Their insistence won't win you over to that side.

That said, if you are okay with a little make-up at 13, go for it. Show her how to apply and make clear what you will allow. At 16, I wore any color eyeliner but black. I liked brown. It defined so much more softly. I think that I wore lipstick at 16 and a little blush. No foundation.

Just look at what you think is appropriate and show her how.


answers from Washington DC on

I agree with going to the Clinique counter or host a Mary Kay demo for her and a couple of friends. They can learn how to cleanse their faces and proper, subtle application. Talk to the person teaching them first (without their knowledge, obviously) and let her know what you don't want.

I know a young woman whose mom told her she could start wearing it at about that age, but limited it to no more than 2 or 3 products at the same time .... So, she could wear foundation and mascara or blush and gloss, etc. Perhaps a rule like that would help you for now. The young woman still only wears the limit her mom extended then and she's now graduated from college. It just stuck with her.

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