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Updated on August 22, 2013
A.M. asks from Montgomery, IL
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Hi, Moms. I've been using Clinique make-up for years and want to try something new! What is your favorite brand and why??

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Elf - mineral makeup, inexpensive, and Target has a good selection, which is 5% off with my Red Card.

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answers from Chicago on

Can't stand Clinique ... I use Lush's Color Pigments for a foundation and many other brands for many other reasons depending on what I need. Favorite brands are Benefit, Urban Decay, Nyx, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Stila and Almay.

eye brow wax, concealer, lip/cheek stains, mascara, bronzer, cream shadows

Urban Decay:
Make Up Setters (for photo shoots), eye liner, eye shadow

Eye Shadow, Liquid Eye Liner

Bare Minerals:
Foundation (use depending on situation), eye make up primer, lip gloss, eye shadows, mineral veil is great too!

Too Faced:
eye make up primer (THE BEST OF THE BEST), mascara, eye make up

Cheeks - their cream blush is the best!

CC cream, eye make up remover pads (good for travel), "Right Shade" Foundation is good too.

I do a lot of professional, make up for photo shoots, stage, theater and special events so I use a lot of stuff for a lot of reasons. Questions ... ask.

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answers from Phoenix on

I love Bare Minerals. Been using it for years. I just like the natural look it has.


answers from Milwaukee on

I grew out of Clinique a long time ago.

Right now I am really into -

Make-up Forever - powders, concealer
MAC - foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, liner
Stila - Blush



answers from Washington DC on

I've tried every mascara out there...still love the inexpensive Maybelline washable mascara....used it for at least 30 years



answers from Chicago on

Avon has makeup. They actually have a new look and are better. I love their products. They have beautiful shades for all skin types and colors. If you're interested, visit my website, You might actually see something that interests you. Check it out!



answers from Houston on

Revlon FlexStay foundation doesn't rub off.


answers from Dallas on

Why the split from Clinique? They have such a wide variety for all skin types plus its a recommended product per dermatologist?

I've used Clinique since I was about 12 and I just switch to the formulas best for my skin type. My 18 yr old daughter does the same.

Talk to the consultants and figure out what you need to change and why.

Either way, good luck with your choice.



answers from Fargo on

I hate Clinique! I use Bare Minerals and love it!



answers from Eugene on

Before you try a new brand, please consider visiting the cosmetics safety database.

There are many carcinogenic chemicals allowed in our cosmetics. It is best if you can go with companies who do not use those chemicals. I prefer brands like Alima Pure, 100% Pure and BareMinerals.



answers from New York on

Love Merle Norman. Very light and natural looking.

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