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Updated on March 15, 2012
B.K. asks from Carol Stream, IL
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My daughter (8th grader) hardly wears any make-up. Never wears any to school, andonly sometimes puts on some lip gloss or some eye shadow on the weekends. She has beautiful skin with the occasional hormone-induced breakouts on her forehead once a month. So she doesn't really NEED make-up and she knows that.

However, she would like to start using a foundation powder (at least that's what I'm thinking would be good) to cover up the breakouts a bit. I use Lancome, and started out with Clinique when I was a teenager. But I had problem skin so I was trying to cover up a lot more blemishes. She really doesn't need that.

My older daughter never really wore make-up, so I have no idea what is good for young girls nowadays. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Medicated cover-up? Cool! I guess I'm out of it because I didn't know that existed. I will look for some! I like all of your suggestions. Thank you!

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answers from Dallas on

Mineral powders, she can adjust the coverage. I like Basic Minerals as they have a broader range of colors and products. I find it well worth the price and can spot treat blemishes.

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answers from Dallas on

She is young for foundation, especially if she has beautiful skin.

You can use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen or a powder.

I've used Clinique since I was 11 and am 49 and pass for mid 30's, thanks to good genes, good skin care routine , keeping myself in shape, drinking a lot of water and using sunscreen.. My 17 yr old wears all Clinique as well and is as picky about her skin care routine as I am.

I personally believe if you use a quality product you get better results. Clinique is dermatologist recommended and if you are not happy with something, you get your money back. Some say Clinique is expensive but it works out in the long run.. for example, my day and night cream is about $50 per jar but it lasts a solid 6 months or longer.

When my daughter was younger, I took her to the Clinique counter to get ideas and how to's on makeup application. Daughter does not use a foundation and neither do I. We use a product called almost powder which is a powder you put evenly on your face then use a little blush, etc.

The best places for Clinique consultations,etc are Neimans and Nordstrom but you can find good reps at Dillards and Macy's. Good luck to you.

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answers from Columbus on

Been there...done that! In my opinion, covering any blemishes with makeup is the worst thing you can do. My daughter always uses the tinted medicated stuff. Since your daughter only has the occasional breakout, that's what I would recommend. Putting makeup on and blocking the pores will only make her break out more and get blackheads, etc.

Good luck!!

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answers from New York on

I hate foundation on beautiful young skin. most of the cosmetic, or pimple cream manufactuers have medicate coverup - some look like a marker, some in a tube, etc.

My daughter came downstairs one morning in 7th grade looking like a raccoon. I told her if she wanted to wear make up she could - but I'd show her how to do it and we'd go buy some later in the day - but to go wahs her face now. She did, and we did. That day we bought some soft brown eyeshadow, some pale pink blush and brown mascara. I showed her how to apply makeup so that it wasn't really visible but just as a highlight of her beatuy. She's 15 - some days she wears it, some days she doesn't. But she still wears very little - a little soft brown around the edges of her eyes a little mascara to make her pale eyelashes visible and a little pink on her pale cheeks.

This is one of those fun things about teenage girls. There are enough difficult things!

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answers from Dallas on

I was going to suggest what Purple mom said. Neutrogena has a daily moisturizer with salycilic acid. She could out that all over everyday to keep the hormoe breakouts to a minimum and then use medicated concealer and medicated tinted moisturizer. The moisturizer is going to be important so her skin doesnt try to overcompensate by producing more oil.

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answers from Miami on

Try a powder with minerals in it. They are so light and natural (not cakey if you know what I mean) but great for covering oily skin or blemishes. I actually use an Avon one and it is fabulous. :-)

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answers from Milwaukee on

I've said this a million times before about Bare Minerals. My skin/life would have been sooo much easier if I had it back in my younger days.

The good part of it is it's nearly impossible to screw up and even harder to look OVER DONE.

My skin is actually BETTER after wearing it and it actually MATCHES my skin. Too bad it took me 35 years to finally find it!

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answers from Killeen on

I really love physicians formula mood boosting powder. It provides good coverage without being heavy and gives skin a pretty glowing appearance. My daughter loves it and uses it to cover the ocassional blemish.

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answers from Seattle on

Strong 2nd for Bare Minerals

(and yes, the name brand is reeeeeally worth it... however, save yourself $20+ by not buying 'mineral veil'. It's just the mineral pigment mixed with cornstarch. Tap some of your foundation into corn starch and stir. Voila.)

Alternatively... tinted acne medication is also great for small areas. My husband (and most men I've known), would use it. It's very very sheer, so it doesn't cover a lot, but it helps hide and blends well.

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answers from Columbia on

Avon's mineral powder makeup. It's Avon's version of Bare Minerals. I've been using Bare Minerals for YEARS and love it (and have very sensitive skin). Avon's is, according to reviews, just a great and MUCH less expensive. All natural, and very light.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have a tomboy so I don't have any advice but maybe you could try the makeup counters at the malls? Good luck!

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