Magic Jack -- Replacing Your Phone Line

Updated on September 09, 2011
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
9 answers

Anyone using the Magic Jack. I was in Radio Shack and engaged in a long discussion with the associate about use of it. He said he has had it in his home for over a year and saving a bundle on not having to buy long distance. He said it was very reliable -- with the exception unless you are streamling a great amount of content all at once. Just wondering if you are using it and it worth switching too.

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answers from Boston on

My friend had magic jack and I hated talking to her on the phone! Her phone was always crackling or fading in and out... she no longer uses it and only uses her cell.

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answers from Portland on

We looked into it, and the reason its so cheap is because they sell your information and you have to give them permission to do it! We didn't go any farther than that.



answers from Albuquerque on

I've had it for a couple of years now. I wouldn't use it as my only phone, we mostly use our cell phones and do not have home service. It comes in handy as a backup and for long distance and international calling. So if you do any long distance calling it's totally worth it since it's only 30.00/year to start and 20./year thereafter.


answers from Tulsa on

It'll depend on how good your internet connection is. I have used it internationally with very good results. Domestically, I just use my cell phone.



answers from Dallas on

I use mine for my fax machine. Works fine. I do however forget to START the Magic Jack software on my pc (if you don't do that you don't have a dial tone and the line is dead).
Plus, we got rid of our land lines, so if your cell phone tower goes out I still have a way to contact 911 and the "outside world". Providing that my ATT DSL is working :)



answers from Milwaukee on

I think questions about this have been posted/asked before and most say it's not good enough to warrant dropping your current service provider.

My friend uses it and HATES it. They are going back to what they had before. Too many dropped calls.



answers from Redding on

I don't recommend it.
I haven't used Magic Jack, but I did try internet phone service through Suddenlink.
It sucks!!!!!
In my area, the internet is out more than it works which means NO phone service.
No internet, no phone.
It's all great in theory, but it's only as good as your internet service.
I, personally, am not happy I switched.

Just my opinion.


answers from Detroit on

We used it for a year. Had to get a new phone which is a bit of a paint to share with others. MANY times we would pick up the phone to make a call and the line was dead. Other times, while on a call, it would sound like we were talking into a tin can or full of static. It got to the point that we would only use our cell phones because the connection was so poor. I still wanted to keep the line in place in case we had a sitter and 911 needed to be reached. But, the reality was, the line was so unreliable, we cancelled it and only use our cell phones now. And we will only have a sitter with a cell phone. Wouldn't waste the time, money or energy with it.



answers from Dallas on

Looks like I'm going to be the only one so far that actually recommends the MagicJack...I've had it for 6 months & I LOVE it! I set appointments part-time & I use my phone line attached to my MagicJack & have had NO problems. I think it probably depends on how fast & reliable your internet service is...we have very fast internet so it works great! The only exception is the connection sounds distorted if I'm trying to stream a video or listen to Rhapsody while I am trying to make a call...other than that, no problems! I think it's well worth our money!

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