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Updated on June 22, 2011
C.H. asks from Castle Rock, CO
10 answers

DD is almost two, loves animals & loves "reading." Thanks for the recommendations.
Here are some that I was looking at:

High-five (Highlights)

Zoo Books

Wild Animal Baby books

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answers from El Paso on

My in-laws got my daughter (2) a subscription to High-Five. It's supposedly for kids 2-6, but probably most entertaining for the 3 or 4 to 6 age group. It's definitely not animal-centered. When I was a kid, we always got "My Big Backyard." I remember enjoying it. There was another one we got (another animal-centered one) but I couldn't tell you what it was... sorry! :(

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answers from Bloomington on

I have an almost 4 year old and he gets "Your Big Backyard It is published by the National Wildlife Federation. He really likes it, but it only comes 6 times a year.

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answers from Boise on

National Geographic for Kids. Our kids (2 & 4) have a subscription and love it.



answers from Orlando on

My two year old LOVES! the Wild Animal Baby Books. They come every month and she will read them over and over and over again. They are super simple, and I wish they were a little longer, but my mom set it up for her and she just loves getting her mail.

They are very informative without being wordy, have great pictures, and a couple of fun games inside that my two year old loves to do. Each issue has the same structure so she know what to do, now that we are on our 5th installment.



answers from San Francisco on

Ladybug. Sometimes you can get past issues on EBay.



answers from Columbus on

We subscribed to Wild Animal Babies, and just subscribed to Zootles. Wild Animal Babies is a great one. It does numbers, shapes & letters, and has great pics.

I'm excited to get Zootles (by the same folks that do WAB and ZooBooks; it's for the next age group up from WAB).

We also get High Five, and he loves that. There are stories with recurring characters, plus an "I spy" section, a craft or food project (homemade popsicles, or granola kind of thing).

We also get Babybug (or it might be Baby Bug), which he also loves.



answers from Sacramento on

my son loved chirp magazine. it's for 3-6 yr olds.



answers from Denver on

My daughter is also a "reader" at 2 and really likes the baby bug magazine, if you want one just for reading; for animals my kids also like the National Geographic Little Kids. The articles are shorter for little kids. I would say that though Zoo Books has great pictures, the articles are too long and too involved for the most part for an almost 2 year old.



answers from Denver on

When my daughter was ready to read, I went to my local parent/teacher supply stores and local book stores. They showed me "sight word" books, that were basically activity books, flash cards and various games. I knew that these things wouldn't work. I saw the infomercials that claim to teach your baby to read. This was just flash cards and videos. Then I talked to some friends, and several suggested a book called - "I CAN READ NOW! AN EASY SIGHT WORD READER". I found this book and bought it. Wow was I ever amazed at the results! My daughter quickly learned to read due to the neat and unique method in the book and in about a week and a half she began reading chapter books - by herself!! This is the most amazing book that I have ever seen. Here is their website: Good luck.


answers from Los Angeles on

BabyBug was our favorite, hands down!! We got it for about two years and I kept all of them they were soooo darling.

Also had Wild Animal, a bit too simplistic for us.

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