Mad Science Party

Updated on July 28, 2009
K.N. asks from Mickleton, NJ
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Has anyone had or been to a Mad Science Party? What did you think? Planning my sone's 6th bday party.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

There used to be a Mad Science place near us. I've never been but I've heard it was way cool and the kids loved it. How could you possibly go wrong with Mad + Science + 6 year Olds + Boys? LOL
(Mom of a 6 year old boy!)



answers from Pittsburgh on

We had one for my 7 year old last year. It was a blast!

We did:
spin art (centrifigal force),
flubber (recipe here: (this is the making of a polymer),
soda fountains (2 L of diet coke and mentos,
film canister rockets with vinegar and baking soda(

We had also planned to do the cornstarch walk (check this out: and fill an old Little Tykes sand box for them to run over, but it wasn't a warm enough day for this.

The kids got to take home their spin art projects, a ziploc bag of flubber, and a list of each experiment we did, along with instructions for each.

Honestly, it was probably the best party we've ever done at home! The best part was one of my son's friends (who doesn't get much encouragement to achieve academically from home) kept saying, "This is SO cool! Can we do more SCIENCE?!?!?" Another great part was the presents my son recieved. They were all scince related!

I hope you post what you end up doing for your party! I'm pretty sure we'll be having another Mad Scientist party in a couple years, so we'd love more ideas about what other cool experiments work well with the kids!




answers from Harrisburg on

Mad Science parties are cool! I was part of Mad Science of Central PA a few years back and loved doing parties- the kids have a great time and the take homes are lots of fun to make!


answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry no advise or experience here. Just wanted to say cool theme, sounds like a fun party.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My cousin had one and everyone loved it. My mom was there and said it was cool. All the kids loved it,



answers from Philadelphia on

This is a great party! Just be sure it is age friendly. You can also have them taylor the party to your needs.
It is so much fun especially when the children do the experiments and they work.

It is also a wonderful to introduce science. I say go for it!
Make sure you talk to the scientist about the party plan. Things like how much space is needed, will it be messy or explode.
check with your scientist to see what they offer normally they have stuff too.
I provided little lab coats, rubber gloves (you know the ones the Drs. use) goggles all can be found at your local dollar store.(unless you know some one in the medical field who will donate these items.) We had it was a blast!

This party is all about the planning with the scientist who will host your party it can be fun or boring. YOU WANT FUN! FUN! FUN!

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