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Updated on July 27, 2012
K.H. asks from Garland, TX
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Recently my Macbook went out on me, so I'm needing to get another computer. I'm looking at a desktop or laptop. I don't mind either one.

My question to you is which do you prefer? PC or a Mac?

I love my Mac. I grew up on them too. However, another one is a little out of my budget. Now, I do use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator too. So should I look for a PC? But I sure do love using a Mac!


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answers from Washington DC on

Mac. Spend a little more -- it's worth it.
My husband has a PC and more often than not, it has a problem and he wants to just chuck it -- but his is a company computer and he has to live with it.
Just get the Mac...

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answers from Pittsburgh on

mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac macmac mac mac macmac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac

(and did I say MAC?)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The Mac 10 is much like Windows XP as far as the look. I think so anyway. I worked at Sykes which is a call center for a lot of accounts. One of which was SBC-DSL Yahoo. I can honestly tell you that my average call time to get someone hooked up, emails set up, and online was about 1 1/2 hours. Once I got on the MAC account my call time went down to about 14 minutes.

That's a huge difference. There is no question in my mind. If I could afford a MAC there would be nothing else in my house.

The main reason I would choose MAC over Windows is the virus threat. It's like writing the virus in Swahili and the MAC uses nothing but English. They are just not able to do viruses for MAC very easily. 99% of the viruses out there are specifically written for Windows compatible computers.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Have you looked at the refurbished ones? Apple sells them discounted with the exact same warranty as brand new. It is also my understanding that sometimes the refurbs aren't really refurbs at all, but something that was shipped out and returned without even being opened (shipping errors or order errors or change of mind, etc). Once it has been shipped, they no longer sell it as new, even if the box was never opened.

It's usually a couple hundred less for a refurb vs. brand new... so if it is only a couple hundred out of your price range, it would be worth checking out if that is what you really want.

We are Mac people. We LOVE our Apple products!

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answers from Tulsa on

Not even a question in my book. Mac all the way.

Try looking at MacMall for the previous year's model. They usually have those on sale and they are new, not refurbs.

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answers from Burlington on

mac,mac ma mac mac mac all the way home. anyday.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I personally would only get a Mac.

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answers from New York on

I'm a Mac person all the way and have been since the early 90s. Just tried to convince my Dad to get one but he is still insisting on buying a PC. He has had sooo many problems with the PC in the past few years that I just don't get it. I even told him he could get a cheap refurb direct from Apple. He wants me to help him set the new PC up and I just dread even dealing with it.

I'm supposed to get a refurbed Air from work next week and can't wait!

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answers from Washington DC on

Mac is better for graphics, but I used PS and Illustrator on a PC for work and it was fine. You need to look at your overall budget. I was talking to a friend about iPhone vs Android and he said that for him, he's already invested $$$ in Mac so he kept going that direction. If you have other things associated with that OS, you might want to try to find a good deal and stay with Mac.

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answers from Chicago on

I've had a Macbook for ten years. Mac is great at making your computer obsolete so you have to buy a new one by changing the operating software so often. On the other hand, I love the way the menus are organized. When I use someone's PC, it feels all wrong to me! And the Macbook starts up right away. Most of the PCs I've tried, do not. I am in the market for another one. I don't do Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I think if I did, I'd get a PC.

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answers from Dallas on

MAC, MAC, MAC for so many reasons but one big one would be graphic design work. If you use photoshop you will definitely appreciate the MAC much better than a PC. Never will I purchase a PC again, MAC all the way.



answers from New York on


I do use a PC at work, b/c it's networked in w/ 100 other PCs at work, but nothing compares to the Mac I have at home. In fact, I bring my Mac into the office every time we're looking at cover designs, b/c the colors on the bloody PCs are off by a million degrees.

And I would never have a PC for home use. My husband had one, before he switched to a Mac, and the dang thing was so riddled with viruses it was scary. I was so scared of it, I wouldn't let my Mac or anybody's phone be in the same room with it.


answers from Dallas on

I have a Dell XPS 14Z and LOVE it. Hubby has a Dell as well and loves it. We have never had any trouble with any Dell we've owned. No virus, etc. We don't go cheap though... we buy the highest end they offer.

Last fall, our daughter's Dell was showing it's age (5 yrs old and she was 16 at the time) LOTS of use, and she was in the process of entering her 11th grade year where you NEED a good computer because you use it at our schools a lot.

We got a Macbook Pro for her and she loves it. She also takes it to school when she needs to. I'd say a majority of the students have the Mac.

I strongly considered the Mac when I upgraded in December, BUT, we run our company from home, I do a lot of Quickbooks, etc, so I stuck with my Dell that I know I love so I can stay compatable with our accountant, continue QB as needed. IF I had switched to the MAC, I would have had to use an alternate to QB which was not worth the $$ because of my payroll, reporting, etc. Basically for me, I don't fix what isn't broken and the Dell is a workhorse for me.

If I were buying a machine for fun... I'd get the MAC.

We've had great expereinces with both.

You'll get responses (hmm, one above me) from people who hate certain products such as Dell and you have to take that with a grain of salt. I love my Dell, I run a $4 million business on it and it has never let me down. No one can tell you what a waste of money you will have.. maybe they got a bad or CHEAP Dell... there is a difference and it happens. We've been very fortunate with our Dell's.

That said, everyone has an opinion.. I am one of those who goes out of my way to avoid and Walmart or Sams.



answers from Dallas on

Macs are definitely better for graphics work! I have owned both over the years and much prefer a Mac. Every PC I have ever owned had some kind of problem within 6 months to a year. Software issues, freezing up, viruses, crashing, etc. They just get so junked up. Three years ago, I told my husband, "NO more PCs for me, I want a Mac!" He bought me a new Mac for our anniversary and it is still running great three years later. About six months ago it seemed to be running a little slow, but once I updated to Lion, no more problems. I owned another Mac for 15 years! Of course, it was out of date and had very little storage, but it still worked perfectly. The kids used it to play some games they had on CDs. I sold it in a garage sale for $50 because my kids had outgrown those games. Mac is just a much better quality product!


answers from Milwaukee on

PC but I am not a Mac person.


answers from Alexandria on

MAC - Hands down. Especially since you have always had one.

All of mine are MAC's. Even the big daddy MAC pro. Although I prefer my macbook pro :)

I also have Photoshop and Illustrator.

I'll give you the run down. My hubbs has designed house and commercial plans for years. He uses a 3D program and did it on a PC until he met me.

That PC was a rather pricey Dell and it couldn't handle the vector imaging like a mac can. It would end up freezing his whole computer.

Now he has the MAC Pro and we have windows running on bootcamp on it. His drawing program doesn't have a MAC version, yet. So he draws it up on windows, burns the vector renderings to a disk or flash drive and runs them on MAC. But even if he runs them on the Windows side, they are still so much better. I don't know how that works exactly. But for some reason it's just better.

Also, you will have to deal with all of the PC viruses drama. I love being able to turn my computer on and not have to worry about anything.

And most of all WINDOWs Suck! I hate windows with a passion. I have to use it at work and it irritates me to no end. MAC OS updates and comes out with new versions, but really, when has it ever actually looked that different? Or made settings difficult to find?

And my macbook pro is over 10 years old w/o a problem. The Mac Pro is about 7 years old. You cannot tell at all. You have to buy a new PC left and right.

Food for thought.



answers from Philadelphia on

I recently got a new laptop for work and had no choice but to get a PC because our IT people are idiots and can't use macs. If I'd had a choice I would have gotten a mac. My macbook from graduate school is still going strong and I bought it in 2005. I could run all of my science software on it that was linux based and I used adobe illustrator and photoshop on it as well. It got me through qualifying, solving 4 crystal structures and my dissertation and defense. I love it.

All that being said, I do like my new PC. It's an HP folio and it's lighter than my macbook and it has a lot of the same features that a mac does (I think they made it to look and act more like a mac). Our IT guy was telling me about all of it's weird "quirks" all of which are mac-like features. He had trouble getting used to it, but it was second nature for me after all of my time with a mac. It was also about 1/3 the cost of a macbook.

Also-I had a dell desktop and my husband had a dell laptop and we hated both of them. My dad also had one of each that he did not like. Both also died after 4ish years. If you are debating Dell vs Mac I think I wouldn't waste my money on a Dell.

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