Lyme Disease - Warren,MA

Updated on July 05, 2010
R.K. asks from Warren, MA
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have any of you had a child that's had it? How did they do with antibiotics? Did they have any side effects from the lyme?

Edited: Since the first response is speaking to me like I am a complete idiot I only ask because my friend was treated w/ antibiotics several times over 5 years ago and is living in severe pain. My son has it so I wanted to know how successful treatment is.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi Rachel,

Please see an ND about this. Lyme's morphs into so many different symptoms that sometimes you think the treatment is working and then your back at square one. It is something that you need to stay on top of. I have a friend (35) that has had it for 20 years and was just diagnosed two years ago at my pleading to get tested. Turns out she has passed it on to all 5 of her children. She has come close to death because it went unnoticed for so long. It was misdiagnosed many many times.

Dr Rhett Bergeron in Atlanta diagnosed her. I'm sure that he is connected well enough to know someone in your area that can help. Let me know and I can get you his information.

God bless,


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answers from New London on

If they diognose it early they can usually treat it successfully with a round of antibiotics.



answers from Dallas on

I got Lyme at 8 months pregnant. Even with the standard treatment It passed via placenta and or breast milk to my daughter. Even though they told me it wasn't possible. It was a devistating discovery. We found it at 2 when she told her preschool teacher that her knees hurt. It ahd been with her that whole time. We had lots of red flags but never did I think it was Lyme. Lots of antibiotics later her coordination, tummy digestion problems, and balance are much improved. Find a Lyme literate doctor. Lymenet is a great resource. Blessings.



answers from Chicago on

I had it when I was 11- spent two weeks in the hospital and saw many different drs, including a neurologist. I had a very severe case and had to have physical therapy for months afterwards, but everything turned out fine. I lost much of my long term memory because of it, but I've learned to deal with that! Make sure your son is evaluated soon if he hasn't gotten to the dr yet!



answers from New York on

its just a bite from a tick rings are around it and u do get medicine and it works



answers from Boston on

I had it as a child - I was given antibiotics and, aside from learning that I am allergic to penicillin, I completely and totally recovered from the lyme. If you caught it early, he should be fine. Often the long-term effects are from untreated lyme. Good luck.

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